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Here’s How Your Favorite Chefs Scramble Their Eggs


SheKnows Editorial

I fear making a soufflé and tremble at the thought of mastering a perfect batch of macarons. But ask many chefs what the hallmark of a great cook is, and they’ll tell you: It’s how they make their scrambled eggs.

It turns out, the browned diner omelets and crumbly continental breakfast eggs you’re used to aren’t exactly up to snuff. The best chefs in the world all have different methods, but seemingly, none of them have to do with making your eggs in huge batches as fast as possible (as your taste buds could probably tell you). Who knew?

While some chefs favor rich add-ins like milk, sour cream and cheese, others keep things simple with just a hint of butter in the pan and some salt and pepper to taste. What most of them have in common, though, is an attention to detail that churns out perfectly textured eggs every time — depending on what perfect means to you.

From creamy and loose to firm but moist, there’s a celebrity chef scrambled eggs recipe for everyone.

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