15 Breakfast Bowls to Fuel You Up on Weekday Mornings

by StyleCaster .
Sep 21, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Look guys. It’s a universally understood truth (I think?) that everything food-related is just plain better in a bowl. Not only are bowls conducive to laziness (score), but somehow, they make even the most random combo of ingredients look like and taste like they belong together. And when you’re getting ready to rush out the door in the morning, that’s a beautiful thing.

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If you too are of the camp that believes the right (or wrong) breakfast can set the tone for your whole day, you’re definitely going to want to get in on these 15 filling, delicious, good-for-you breakfast bowls. From oatmeal and quinoa to smoothies and fruit, there are sweet and savory, hot and cold options for every kind of breakfast personality.


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1 /15: Savory oatmeal breakfast bowls

1/15 :Savory oatmeal breakfast bowls

2 /15: Berry-banana smoothie bowl

2/15 :Berry-banana smoothie bowl

3 /15: Dark chocolate-quinoa breakfast bowl

3/15 :Dark chocolate-quinoa breakfast bowl

4 /15: Savory pesto-quinoa breakfast bowl

4/15 :Savory pesto-quinoa breakfast bowl

5 /15: Peach pie smoothie bowl

5/15 :Peach pie smoothie bowl

6 /15: Energizing green smoothie bowl

6/15 :Energizing green smoothie bowl

7 /15: Blueberry breakfast quinoa

7/15 :Blueberry breakfast quinoa

8 /15: Blueberry smoothie bowl with raspberries and bananas

8/15 :Blueberry smoothie bowl with raspberries and bananas

9 /15: Superfood breakfast smoothie

9/15 :Superfood breakfast smoothie

10 /15: Berry-almond smoothie bowl

10/15 :Berry-almond smoothie bowl

11 /15: Yogurt breakfast bowl

11/15 :Yogurt breakfast bowl

12 /15: Superfood quinoa breakfast bowl

12/15 :Superfood quinoa breakfast bowl

13 /15: Strawberry-oatmeal smoothie bowl

13/15 :Strawberry-oatmeal smoothie bowl

14 /15: Breakfast smoothie bowl chia

14/15 :Breakfast smoothie bowl chia

15 /15: Quinoa breakfast bowl

15/15 :Quinoa breakfast bowl