Halloween Treat Recipes That Are Almost Too Cute to Eat (Almost)

The nights are getting darker, the air is growing chilly and pumpkins are suddenly everywhere. It's Halloween season, and for most of us, that means one thing: snack time! As kids, we got our fix by going door to door and asking strangers for candy. In college, we raided the clearance shelves the day after Halloween for discounted candy and chocolate. But now? It's go big or go home, baby, and luckily, making Halloween treats that are (almost) too cute to eat is a lot easier than it seems.

Stock up on edible googly eyes and black sprinkles, and don't forget the chocolate. With just a little attention to detail, you'll be churning out Halloween snacks and sweets that are even better looking than your costume. You have the rest of the year to eat food that looks like itself; this Halloween, even your dessert will be dressed to impress the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.