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10 Creative Toast Recipes That Don’t Involve Avocado

We can all agree that avocado toast — basic as it might be — is delicious. But the flood of recent attention to this once humble food is getting a little stale. It seems like as good a time as any to shake things up and broaden our toast horizons. The key to creating a great toast situation is starting with good-quality bread — something sturdy that will toast nicely and hold up to your fresh, flavorful spreads and toppings.

Let these 10 toast recipes provide the inspiration you need to create the toast of your dreams. Full of flavor and unique ingredients, these recipes would make a satisfying breakfast, lunch or even dinner.  From a decadent cashew butter, banana and bacon toast to a breakfast toast topped with lemon ricotta and fresh figs, these recipes might become your new avo toast.

Let’s journey together as we expand our toast empire beyond the familiar green pastures.  

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