13 Brunch Recipes That Feature Your Favorite Fall Produce

by Kaila Stein
Sep 14, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

The leaves are starting to change color, the air is crisp and PSL memes are in full effect. Whether you’re clinging to summer or embracing the new season with open sweater-clad arms, we can all get behind one thing: brunch.

What better way to celebrate the season than cooking with fresh fall produce? Squash, apples, Brussels sprouts, figs, pumpkins and beets have made their debut at the market, and we’ve rounded up some mouthwatering brunch recipes that highlight fall's best. Before you settle in for three hours of football this Sunday, why not sit down with your friends for brunch? From a Brussels sprout and bacon frittata to apple cider mimosas to a dreamy pumpkin French toast bake, these recipes will turn fall-haters into enthusiasts.

Grab your coziest sweater and your waffle iron. It’s time for the autumnal brunch of your dreams.

1 /13: Apple cider waffles

1/13 :Apple cider waffles

A brunch without waffles is just plain wrong. Super-crispy on the edges and fluffy in the middle, these waffles are full of apple-cinnamon flavor. Keep the waffles warm on a cookie sheet in the oven before your guests arrive. 

2 /13: Kale & sweet potato frittata

2/13 :Kale & sweet potato frittata

This veggie-packed frittata is made with kale, sweet potatoes, red peppers and mushrooms, making it the perfect healthy brunch dish.

3 /13: Concord grape & rosemary focaccia

3/13 :Concord grape & rosemary focaccia

Harvested from September through late October, Concord grapes are a true symbol of fall and should not be overlooked. In this delicious focaccia recipe, Concord grapes are scattered over generously olive-oiled pizza dough and topped with a sprinkling of sugar and rosemary.  

4 /13: Butternut squash fritters

4/13 :Butternut squash fritters

These five-ingredient butternut squash fritters were made for your autumn brunch. Fresh sage (also in season) adds an earthy fall flavor.

5 /13: Pumpkin French toast bake

5/13 :Pumpkin French toast bake

Your guests will go crazy for this easy and delicious pumpkin French toast bake. Make it the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning before your guests arrive!

6 /13: Kale, tomato & Parmesan baked eggs

6/13 :Kale, tomato & Parmesan baked eggs

These rustic baked eggs are loaded with kale, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese. It’s the perfect early fall dish to use up the last of your summer tomatoes and in-season kale — which is sweetest in October!

7 /13: Apple cider mimosas

7/13 :Apple cider mimosas

A two-ingredient cocktail that’s synonymous with brunch, the mimosa is a classic for a reason. This fall rendition is highly sippable and made with apple cider and Champagne. 

8 /13: Cranberry & Meyer lemon biscuits

8/13 :Cranberry & Meyer lemon biscuits

These biscuits are buttery-soft and studded with fresh cranberries and lemon zest, which adds the perfect amount of tart flavor. Goes exceptionally well with a cup of coffee.

9 /13: Autumn acai bowls

9/13 :Autumn acai bowls

Let's face it — acai bowls are the new avocado toast. These easy (and Instagrammable) smoothie bowls are made using store-bought acai purée packs, which saves a ton of time. Top with your favorite fall fruits like figs, apples and pomegranate seeds.

10 /13: Brussels sprouts & pancetta breakfast pizza

10/13 :Brussels sprouts & pancetta breakfast pizza

Want to win brunch? Make this breakfast pizza. A homemade thin-crust topped with cheese, crispy Brussels sprouts, pancetta, red onions and, of course, eggs. 

11 /13: Pomegranate breakfast parfait

11/13 :Pomegranate breakfast parfait

Looking for something a little lighter to serve at brunch? These yogurt parfaits are easy to prep and the fresh pomegranate seeds make them look oh so pretty.

12 /13: Roasted beet salad with tahini-lemon sauce

12/13 :Roasted beet salad with tahini-lemon sauce

This gorgeous roasted beet salad will wow your brunch guests. The lemon-tahini sauce lends a delightful creamy tang to the dish.

13 /13: Fall fruit salad

13/13 :Fall fruit salad

Get ready for this fruit salad to steal the show. Ditch boring honeydew and cantaloupe and opt for crunchy and colorful seasonal fruits like persimmon, pomegranate Asian pear and apple.