10 Foods That Should Never Be Microwaved

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 11, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

From movie night popcorn to reheated coffee (I know, I know), the microwave is a pretty indispensable part of my life. Whether I don't feel like dirtying a pot or pan, it's too hot to turn on the oven, or I just don't have time to cook a proper meal, the speedy waves of the microwave save the day every time. Well, almost every time. Because as almost everyone who's used one before can tell you, there are some things you really can't put in the microwave.

I learned this the hard way after trying to reheat a burrito wrapped in foil. Sparks flew, smoke started pouring out the door, and my mom was very, very upset. But this handy list will help spare you from the indignities I suffered. Keep using your handy microwave with the confidence and security that comes from knowing exactly what not to do. And for those other things? Well, that's what the stove is for.

1 /11: Anything wrapped in foil

1/11 :Anything wrapped in foil

Metal and microwaves do not go together unless you have a penchant for explosions and house fires. 

2 /11: Whole unpierced potatoes

2/11 :Whole unpierced potatoes

Whole potatoes should never be microwaved as is — they might explode! Poke plenty of holes in your spuds first. 

3 /11: Breast milk

3/11 :Breast milk

Breast milk can actually get too hot in the microwave, ending up at a dangerous temperature for babies.

4 /11: Whole eggs

4/11 :Whole eggs

Don't try to hard-boil eggs in the microwave — the steam builds up in the shell and can make them explode.

5/11 :Water

Microwaved water superheats, then bubbles up dangerously when you take it out.

6 /11: Chili peppers

6/11 :Chili peppers

When you take chili peppers out of the microwave, the spicy air will make your eyes, nose and throat burn. 

7/11 :Grapes

First, why are you microwaving grapes? Second, their skin doesn't let steam escape, and they can explode.

8 /11: Cherry tomatoes

8/11 :Cherry tomatoes

In a skillet, cherry tomatoes burst when they start to get hot. The same thing happens in the microwave.

9/11 :Pizza

Microwaved pizza has a tough crust you can barely chew through. Reheat it on the stove or in the oven instead.

10/11 :Fish

You can safely microwave fish, sure. But it will make your entire house (or office!) smell like low tide.

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