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Easy Potluck Ideas That Are Way More Classy Than Casseroles


SheKnows Editorial

I love potlucks. There’s something so cheerful about sharing food with the people you love, and when everyone is contributing to the feast, it fosters a feeling of camaraderie. But what I don’t love about potlucks is, sometimes, the food. I know I get stuck in a rut, always relying on the tried-and-true creamy casseroles of my youth, but sometimes I want to bring a dish that’s a little fresher, a little more modern. And if everyone else still brings those comfort food classics, there will be one new dish to help brighten up the table and balance out the other flavors.

Making a classy new potluck dish doesn’t have to be hard. These recipes are surprisingly simple, so you don’t have to stress in the hours leading up to the event. Consider transferring warm dishes to a slow cooker that you can plug in at the potluck location to keep things toasty. And most important? Wear your stretchy pants so you can load up your plate with all the home cooking your heart desires.

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