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How to Pair Your Favorite Trader Joe’s Foods With Wine


SheKnows Editorial

It’s impossible for me to leave Trader Joe’s without an armful of random snacks, frozen foods and fresh flowers, all at prices and in a variety I never find at my usual grocery store. But what’s taking up the space in my cart? The wine, of course! Only at Trader Joe’s can I find the same amazing deals on gourmet treats and vino. It makes dealing with the inevitably cramped TJ’s parking lot totally worth it if it means I can house a block of Unexpected Cheddar for dinner. #NoRegrets

But figuring out which types of wine to pair with my grocery haul can be tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy cheat sheet, which has pairing recommendations for some of the most common Trader Joe’s food items. Since TJ’s has a rotating selection and offers their own brands, these suggestions are more like guidelines. Find out which varietal pairs with your favorite food, then see what bottles Trader Joe’s has on offer. Either way, you’ll wind up with some tasty food and a glass full of wine — no complaints here!

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