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All the Delicious Halloween Candy Available Right Now

Every year on Sept. 1, my apartment gets transformed into my own little haunted oasis. I line my mantel with black candles, hang skeletons from my balcony, swap my fuzzy white couch pillows for pillows with crows and werewolves on them and drape every window in cobwebs and fake spiders. I watch AMC’s FearFest religiously, visit at least two haunted houses every year and have three Spotify playlists dedicated to Halloween music. I think it’s safe to say I’m just slightly obsessed with Halloween. 

Horror movies, haunted houses and creepy costumes might be my favorite parts of Halloween, but all the delicious candy isn’t bad either (except candy corn — only crazy people like candy corn). So in honor of my favorite holiday, I have decided to round up all the greatest Halloween candy 2017 has to offer. So click through, make a list of your favorites and head to the closest supermarket to stock up, because these little delicacies are only around for a limited time. 

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