13 Delicious Ways to Cook Up Fall Veggies

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 29, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

When fall rolls in and the weather starts to get cold, we all know what to do. It's time to stock up on sturdy squashes, hearty greens and plenty of sweet potatoes.

But lest you find yourself eating the same roasted veggies night after night, never fear. It turns out there are tons of different ways to cook with your favorite fall produce, churning out flavorful new dishes for every meal of the day.

You can add them to tarts, galettes and frittatas, purée them to make soups, or sauté them with bacon and eggs. And unlike summer produce, these fall vegetables will last for a while, so you can take your time deciding what to make.

You may be sad that summer is coming to an end, but once you take your first bite of autumn, you'll realize there are some perks to cold weather after all.

1 /13: Butternut squash hummus

1/13 :Butternut squash hummus

You can whip any type of winter squash into a smooth, luscious hummus.

2 /13: Spiralized sweet potatoes & eggs

2/13 :Spiralized sweet potatoes & eggs

Spiralizing root vegetables and squash can help you make all sorts of new dishes.

3 /13: Butternut & sage galette

3/13 :Butternut & sage galette

Pumpkin pie doesn't have to be sweet — savory galettes made with squash are just as tasty.

4 /13: Smashed pumpkin toast

4/13 :Smashed pumpkin toast

When the weather gets colder, swap avocado toast for pumpkin toast

5 /13: Poached egg & Brussels sprouts hash

5/13 :Poached egg & Brussels sprouts hash

Veggies like Brussels sprouts, kale and cabbage work surprisingly well in a breakfast hash

6 /13: Quinoa & mushroom-stuffed acorn squash

6/13 :Quinoa & mushroom-stuffed acorn squash

Stuffed squash makes for a great vegetarian entrée, but it is actually simple to make.

7 /13: Sweet potato & parsnip fritters

7/13 :Sweet potato & parsnip fritters

Crispy on the outside, tender within, use your fave fall veggies to make these fritters

8 /13: Hazelnut-parsnip soup

8/13 :Hazelnut-parsnip soup

Parsnips, sweet and earthy, are super-creamy in this soup. You can make it with other root veggies too. 

9 /13: Everything bagel butternut squash

9/13 :Everything bagel butternut squash

A quick shake of everything bagel seasoning ups the flavor of roasted butternut squash in no time flat. 

10 /13: Creamy one-pot pumpkin spaghetti

10/13 :Creamy one-pot pumpkin spaghetti

Creamy pumpkin Alfredo coats every bite of this surprisingly simple one-pot spaghetti

11 /13: One-skillet chicken & squash

11/13 :One-skillet chicken & squash

Start this hearty dish on the stove-top, then finish it off in the oven, all in just one skillet.

12 /13: Loaded sweet potato fries

12/13 :Loaded sweet potato fries

Sweet potatoes (or any root veggie) make for a more nutritious "fry" experience and are full of flavor.

13 /13: Pumpkin & goat cheese frittata

13/13 :Pumpkin & goat cheese frittata

A swirl of puréed pumpkin, squash or sweet potato adds flavor and color to your frittatas