10 Easy Yet Elegant Snacks to Tuck in Your Purse for a Perfect Shopping Pick-Me-Up

Shopping is honestly kind of exhausting on a regular basis, especially if, like me, you feel utterly compelled to try on at least 50 percent of the items on display at every store you walk into. And when you add the hectic vibe of the holiday season into the mix, things get next-level — but the last thing I want to do when I’m in serious mall mode is have to stop at the food court to get a mediocre meal.

That’s why I always keep some sort of snack in my purse so I can re-boost my energy if I start to feel hangry while trying to hack down my holiday shopping list. We’re not talking potato chips and cereal bars here. Whether I’m treating myself to a nice new outfit, home decor, makeup or shoes, I want my snack to be just as elegant as my purchases.

Luckily, we don’t have to settle for something that would be a fair addition to a middle-schooler’s lunchbox. There are a ton of new snack items out today that are just as luxurious as the rest of your shopping experience should be. Just slip one (or two… or three!) into your purse before you leave the house, and you’ll be able to refuel in style all season long.

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