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11 Delicious Meals to Make in Your Instant Pot This Winter

Make no mistake; Instant Pots are going nowhere this year, so if you haven’t experienced firsthand just how magical this kitchen appliance is, you still have time.

While Instant Pots are useful year-round, including during the summer months when you’re craving tender pulled pork and during the holidays, like Thanksgiving, it’s during the cooler fall and winter months when Instant Pots are particularly handy.

Craving a hearty bowl of butternut squash soup or a veggie-loaded minestrone soup with a rich, herby broth but have very little time left in your day to make dinner? Or want a classic French dish or a seafood dish that’ll fill you up, warm you up and leave you with minimal cleanup? Use an Instant Pot.

Ahead, we’ve gathered 11 Instant Pot recipes you’ll want to make this winter. And be sure to invite friends, family or your S.O. over, because all these recipes serve at least four. (Unless you want all the leftovers for yourself. Then go solo. We get it.)

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