11 Creative Sweet & Savory Waffle Recipes

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 21, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and riddled with nooks and crannies, there's no breakfast quite so satisfying as a stack of waffles. Whether dripping with maple syrup and butter or drenched in sausage gravy and the yolk of a perfectly cooked runny egg.

But when you pull out the waffle iron, you want to make it worth your while. That's why these recipes are so clutch — they satisfying every craving, sweet or savory, you may have.

We're used to eating waffles for breakfast, but they're just as tasty at lunch and dinner too. The key is combining sweet elements like maple syrup and sweet potato with things more savory, like cheese, peppers and (of course) bacon.

This creates the perfect balance of flavors, so you'll find yourself ever eager to make waffle night a regular occurrence at your house.

So whip out the waffle iron and get your stretchy pants ready — you'll need them after feasting on these sweet and savory waffle recipes.

1 /12: Corn waffles with pineapple salsa

1/12 :Corn waffles with pineapple salsa

Pineapple-cucumber salsa adds a fresh dose of flavor to these crunchy vegan corn waffles

2 /12: Gouda & apple grilled cheese waffles

2/12 :Gouda & apple grilled cheese waffles

Sweet and tangy apples help balance out the rich flavors in these smoked gouda waffle grilled cheeses.

3 /12: Black truffle-goat cheese waffles

3/12 :Black truffle-goat cheese waffles

A drizzle of honey adds a touch of sweetness to these jazzed-up frozen waffles topped with truffles. 

4 /12: Southwestern sweet potato waffles

4/12 :Southwestern sweet potato waffles

Topped with savory beans and avocado, these sweet potato waffles balance bold Southwestern flavors.

5 /12: Cornbread waffle meatball sandwiches

5/12 :Cornbread waffle meatball sandwiches

Spicy honeyed chicken and pork meatballs are sandwiched between cornbread waffles in this recipe

6 /12: Sweet & spicy tofu-pineapple skewers

6/12 :Sweet & spicy tofu-pineapple skewers

Swap fried chicken for tofu to make these vegetarian-friendly sweet and savory waffle skewers.

7 /12: Sweet & savory bacon-cheddar waffles

7/12 :Sweet & savory bacon-cheddar waffles

Fluffy buttermilk waffles stuffed with bacon and cheese then topped with syrup are perfect for brunch.

8 /12: Churro-chorizo waffles with mezcal syrup

8/12 :Churro-chorizo waffles with mezcal syrup

You'll forget all about Eggos after one bite of these churro-chorizo waffles with mezcal-chili syrup. 

9 /12: Spicy-sweet chicken & waffle bites

9/12 :Spicy-sweet chicken & waffle bites

Perfect for brunch, these sweet and spicy waffle bites should be washed down with mimosas.

10 /12: Breakfast-stuffed biscuit waffles

10/12 :Breakfast-stuffed biscuit waffles

A drizzle of syrup is all you need to make these stuffed biscuit waffles really pop.

11 /12: Cheddar waffles with strawberry bacon

11/12 :Cheddar waffles with strawberry bacon

Bacon, candied with strawberry jam, adds a salty sweetness to these cheddar and chive waffles

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