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11 Creative Sweet & Savory Waffle Recipes


SheKnows Editorial

Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and riddled with nooks and crannies, there’s no breakfast quite so satisfying as a stack of waffles. Whether dripping with maple syrup and butter or drenched in sausage gravy and the yolk of a perfectly cooked runny egg.

But when you pull out the waffle iron, you want to make it worth your while. That’s why these recipes are so clutch — they satisfying every craving, sweet or savory, you may have.

We’re used to eating waffles for breakfast, but they’re just as tasty at lunch and dinner too. The key is combining sweet elements like maple syrup and sweet potato with things more savory, like cheese, peppers and (of course) bacon.

This creates the perfect balance of flavors, so you’ll find yourself ever eager to make waffle night a regular occurrence at your house.

So whip out the waffle iron and get your stretchy pants ready — you’ll need them after feasting on these sweet and savory waffle recipes.

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