11 Easy, Healthy Sandwiches That Make the Most of Summer Produce

by Kaila Stein
Aug 12, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

If you’ve ever eaten a bad sandwich, you know that the culprit can often be the vegetables. A soggy tomato, wilted lettuce or limp pickles can spoil an otherwise tasty sandwich and take you straight into sad desk-lunch territory. But here’s some good news for sandwich lovers everywhere — summer produce is at its peak right now. That means crisp lettuce; crunchy radishes and cucumbers; basil, chives and parsley eager to be blitzed into pesto (hello, pesto mayo); and of course, juicy tomatoes are all available and ready to take your sandwiches to the next level.

In honor of National Sandwich Month, we’ve rounded up 11 delicious and healthy sandwiches that celebrate summer’s best. From putting green goddess dressing and spinach in your turkey sandwich to adding fresh peaches to a mozzarella panini, these recipes elevate the humble sandwich. Grab your farmers market tote and a loaf of bread — it’s time to make an epic sandwich.

1 /12: Sabich sandwich

1/12 :Sabich sandwich

Say hello to your new favorite sandwich. Filled with roasted eggplant, hard-boiled egg, pickles, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, and drizzled with tahina sauce, sabich is an Israeli sandwich that’s popular for a reason — it’s freaking delicious.

2 /12: Hummus & tahini egg salad sandwich

2/12 :Hummus & tahini egg salad sandwich

Elevate a basic egg salad sandwich by swapping out mayo for hummus and tahini. Add in fresh chives, red onion and top with fresh greens for crunch.

3 /12: Tomato & goat cheese sandwich

3/12 :Tomato & goat cheese sandwich

Ripe, juicy heirloom tomatoes on grilled bread is pretty hard to top. But add herbed goat cheese and a warm bacon vinaigrette, and you’re looking at tomato nirvana.

4 /12: Grilled chicken & pesto sub

4/12 :Grilled chicken & pesto sub

Fire up the grill for this delicious chicken pesto sub. Pickled jalapeños, fresh arugula and pesto lend flavor and crunch to this satisfying and easy sandwich.

5 /12: Golden beet & roasted red pepper sandwich

5/12 :Golden beet & roasted red pepper sandwich

This bright vegetarian sandwich is easy to make at home and tastes as good as it looks. How bad could anything on focaccia really be? Grab some golden beets, red peppers and local goat cheese from the market and make this sandwich for lunch.

6 /12: Tofu banh mi

6/12 :Tofu banh mi

This vegetarian riff on a traditional banh mi is filled with crunchy pickled cucumbers and carrots, fresh jalapeño and cilantro. It’s fresh, light and packed with flavor.

7 /12: Chicken gyro

7/12 :Chicken gyro

Lemony grilled chicken nestled in a warm pita with fresh onion, cucumber, tomato, crisp lettuce and a homemade tzatziki sauce. It’s everything you want in a sandwich for dinner.

8 /12: Peach & mozzarella panini

8/12 :Peach & mozzarella panini

Put this panini on your summer bucket list and make one before those glorious peaches and figs are gone from the market.

9 /12: Summer squash sandwich

9/12 :Summer squash sandwich

It doesn’t get more seasonal than a summer squash sandwich. Loaded with herby ricotta, crunchy zucchini, watercress, avocado and a zesty sun-dried tomato spread, this happy sandwich will cause some serious lunchtime envy from your co-workers.

10 /12: Broccoli rabe grilled cheese

10/12 :Broccoli rabe grilled cheese

Stay with me here. I promise this meatless sandwich is worth making. The garlicky broccoli rabe is tamed by the sweet roasted red peppers and creamy grilled cheese.

11 /12: Green goddess roasted turkey sandwich

11/12 :Green goddess roasted turkey sandwich

Pep up your turkey sandwich with a creamy herb-packed green goddess dressing. Made with tangy Greek yogurt, chives, tarragon and basil, you’ll want to put this dressing on everything.  

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