13 Peach Recipes to Try Before Peak Season Ends

by Justina Huddleston
Aug 5, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Is there anything that tastes more like summer than a ripe peach, preferably one so juicy it has to be eaten over the sink?

We don't think so. And when peaches are in season, you've got to take advantage of it. That means eating as many as you like at snack time (keep that fruit bowl filled), but also making good use of the fruit in each meal of the day. Because they have such a balanced profile of sweet and tart, peaches can be paired with savory foods and desserts alike.

You can toast a slice of peaches and cream bread for breakfast, munch on a peachy Cobb salad at lunch and add fresh peach salsa to your dinner. And you can't forget dessert — from cobbler to ice cream, peaches add big flavor that's unmatched in the fruit world.

Hurry up and make these peach recipes before the season is over — you (and your tastebuds) won't regret it.

1 /13: Honey-ricotta peach crostini

1/13 :Honey-ricotta peach crostini

Salty pancetta goes surprisingly well with ripe peaches, tangy balsamic and creamy ricotta in this recipe.

2 /13: Grilled corn & peach Cobb salad

2/13 :Grilled corn & peach Cobb salad

Hearty Cobb salad is summer fare of the highest order when grilled peaches and corn are added to the mix. 

3 /13: Strawberry-peach ice pops

3/13 :Strawberry-peach ice pops

Keep cool on sizzling summer days with a strawberry-peach ice pops or two. 

4 /13: Grilled bratwurst with spicy peach salsa

4/13 :Grilled bratwurst with spicy peach salsa

With a balance of sweet, spicy and tangy flavors, this peach salsa goes well with almost anything. 

5 /13: Rustic peach galette

5/13 :Rustic peach galette

Don't let its rustic appearance fool you — this dessert is bursting with elegant flavor. 

6 /13: Grilled Brie with honey-thyme peaches

6/13 :Grilled Brie with honey-thyme peaches

Ooey-gooey grilled Brie topped with sweet thyme-infused peaches is an effortless summer appetizer.

7 /13: Easy peach cake

7/13 :Easy peach cake

Perfect for potlucks and picnics, this large cake feeds a crowd, but is super-easy to make. 

8 /13: Grilled peaches with Greek yogurt

8/13 :Grilled peaches with Greek yogurt

For breakfast or dessert, fire up the grill and make these succulent peaches topped with Greek yogurt.

9 /13: Slow cooker peach cobbler

9/13 :Slow cooker peach cobbler

Seasonal baking doesn't have to be hard. Use your slow cooker to make this hands-off dessert

10 /13: Blackberry peach frozen margaritas

10/13 :Blackberry peach frozen margaritas

Make the most of summer produce by blending peaches with blackberries to make this sunset-colored drink.

11 /13: Vegan peach soft serve

11/13 :Vegan peach soft serve

Made with four ingredients in just five minutes, this soft serve captures the true essence of ripe peaches. 

12 /13: Peach & mascarpone shortcakes

12/13 :Peach & mascarpone shortcakes

Fluffy mascarpone adds a lush creaminess to every bite of these peach shortcakes

13 /13: Peaches & cream bread

13/13 :Peaches & cream bread

Start your day with a thick slice of this peaches and cream bread, as fragrant as it is flavorful.