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11 Creative, Easy Watermelon Recipes


SheKnows Editorial

When it comes to summer dining, nothing is more iconic than a gigantic watermelon cut into thick wedges and eaten outside with rolled-up sleeves (followed by a seed-spitting contest if that’s your jam).

But when you bring watermelon into the kitchen, magical things can happen. From frozen desserts that totally satisfy your sweet tooth to savory dishes that pop with just a little bit of sweetness, watermelon is surprisingly versatile.

Of course, when the sun is shining outside, the last thing you want to do is stay cooped up in a hot kitchen. That’s why we chose these easy recipes to celebrate National Watermelon Day on Aug. 3 — you can make them in a flash without laboring over the stove for long, then you can escape to a cool spot and enjoy your creation in peace.

Our only piece of advice? Set aside a few wedges of watermelon to snack on later. Hey, sometimes simplest really is best.

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