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10 Summery Grilled Pizzas to Make While You Still Can

It seems like summer just arrived, but the reality is, it’s already half over and it’s only a few short weeks before the chill of autumn befalls us (*sigh*). So if you love a good grilled pizza, you’re running out of time faster than you realize.

Whether you crave the charred flavor of pizza crust or just need a way to use up those fresh summer veggies, grilled pizza needs to become your new go-to summer grilling grub. The best part about it is that unlike a lot of stuff you typically cook on the grill, pizza works just as well for a weeknight meal as it does for a weekend shindig since you don’t need a bunch of people to get through all the food.

For now, we can set aside the propane vs. charcoal debate and all agree that digging into a grilled pizza with fresh veggies is one of the best ways to maximize the rest of a fun, gorgeous summer.

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