11 Recipes to Trick Your S.O. Into Eating Healthier

by Heather Barnett
Jun 16, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

We all want our loved ones to eat better, but sometimes, they just aren't open to giving up their old standby comfort foods. 

Don't stress! In honor of Men's Health Week, ending June 18, we've gathered some of our favorite nutritious recipes that are packed with delicious flavor and nutrients, minus the over-the-top calories and unhealthy fats.

These 11 recipes got a good-for-you makeover to prove that eating healthy definitely doesn't mean sacrificing flavor. Watch your S.O.'s surprise when he or she digs into these dishes — and then wants to make them again and again.

1 /11: Lighter salsa verde enchiladas

1/11 :Lighter salsa verde enchiladas

Your main squeeze will squeeze lime over these cheese-less chicken enchiladas without a thought about the calories (or lack thereof).

Homemade salsa verde tops enchiladas stuffed with spiced chicken breast, poblano peppers and brown rice, baked and garnished with a fresh pineapple-avocado salad.

2 /11: Cheesy baked turkey & rice casserole

2/11 :Cheesy baked turkey & rice casserole

If your one and only loves the home-cooked goodness of chicken and rice casserole, they'll love this tasty comfort food.

It skips the sodium-laden canned soup and packs in extra veggie power, but is topped with a deceptive amount of cheese to look every bit as cozy as the original.

3 /11: Healthy protein waffles

3/11 :Healthy protein waffles

Butter up your lover with these protein-packed waffles.

With all the delectable maple syrup dripping in and around those fluffy waffle pockets, they'll never guess the secret ingredients are cottage cheese and oats.

4 /11: General Tso's cauliflower

4/11 :General Tso's cauliflower

Spice up your love life in a healthy way with General Tso's cauliflower.

It looks just like the OG chicken version, but ensures your S.O. gets the extra veggies they need.

5 /11: Greek turkey meatballs

5/11 :Greek turkey meatballs

If your funny valentine can't decide whether meatballs are Italian or Swedish, try these Greek meatballs with tzatziki sauce.

Ground turkey replaces the beef or sausage and lower-fat Greek yogurt-cucumber sauce instead of tomato or cream-based sauce ensures it stays nutritious while keeping them satisfied.

6 /11: 'Meaty' summer quesadillas

6/11 :'Meaty' summer quesadillas

Your S.O. won't be able to resist these "meaty" quesadillas with grilled portobello mushrooms and summer squash.

7 /11: Greek yogurt cheesecake

7/11 :Greek yogurt cheesecake

Nothing like a little luscious strawberry cheesecake to get you in the mood — unless it's even healthier than your average dessert.

Greek yogurt and Neufchâtel combine to make a cheesecake so good you can splurge on the topping.

8 /11: Eggs Benedict with avocado hollandaise

8/11 :Eggs Benedict with avocado hollandaise

OK, hipster couples, here's a brunch idea for you: eggs Benedict with avocado hollandaise.

Paired with locally grown root veggies and heart-healthy avocado, this recipe will please even the most ardent farm-to-table adherents while sating the appetites of the skeptics among you — all while being actually healthy. 

9 /11: Paleo/vegan beet (*gasp!*) chocolate pudding

9/11 :Paleo/vegan beet (*gasp!*) chocolate pudding

Feed your meat-and-potatoes partner their meat and potatoes. You'll sneak some less carby veggies into their dessert in this chocolate pudding.

Somehow, avocados, raw cacao powder, roasted beets, coconut milk and traditional chocolate-friendly spices prove beet and chocolate are BFFs.

10 /11: Pulled jackfruit tacos

10/11 :Pulled jackfruit tacos

Passing off tofu and tempeh as meat isn't going to fool anyone. Try these jackfruit tacos if you want your special someone to buy into your #MeatlessMonday.

Properly prepared, jackfruit has a more authentic meaty texture, and paired with traditional Baja-fresh toppings, they won't know it's meat-free until you tell them.

11 /11: Vegan hazelnut brownies

11/11 :Vegan hazelnut brownies

The chocoholic in your life will swoon for these gooey-on-the-inside, crusty-on-the-outside, oh-so-perfect vegan brownies featuring only good fat and plenty of flavor.

Real dark chocolate, fresh-brewed espresso and hazelnut liqueur would make any brownie better, so it may as well be better-for-you too.