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50 Easy Summer Salads That Aren’t Epically Boring

Salad is rarely my first meal choice. It’s not that I hate greens, but I just tend to find a bunch of toppings thrown onto a bed of spinach or romaine a snooze unless they include a heap of cheese — and I know I’m not alone in that.

Luckily for me, there are people on this planet whose minds are much more talented than mine at dreaming up creative salads that are as good for you as they are inspired. Among them is Eddie McNamara, a Brooklyn chef and ex-Port Authority cop whose new cookbook, Toss Your Own Salad: The Meatless Cookbook with Burgers, Bolognese, and Ballas hits stores this week. 

Ahead, get three of McNamara’s delicious, not-at-all-boring vegetarian salad recipes — plus dozens more salad recipes we handpicked to help make your summer easier and your salads a little less pedestrian and a lot more like a meal you’ll actually look forward to. 

A version of this post originally appeared on StyleCaster

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