17 Hot Buffalo-Style Recipes That Go Way Beyond Cauliflower

by Sarah Long
Jul 7, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. ET

Let's be real. Hot Buffalo is pretty much the best flavor of all time. We've seen about a billion recipes for Buffalo cauliflower — but other veggies (and meats) want some Buffalo love too!

These spicy recipes totally scratch that Buffalo itch.

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1 /18: Slow cooker honey Buffalo meatballs

1/18 :Slow cooker honey Buffalo meatballs

The thought of coming home to spicy-sweet Buffalo meatballs in the slow cooker is making our mouths water.

2 /18: Buffalo-style tuna

2/18 :Buffalo-style tuna

Honestly, we always put a ton of hot sauce on our tuna salad anyway — so New StarKist Tuna Creations® BOLD, Hot Buffalo Style pouches are totally genius. Just throw some in a wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and maybe a sprinkle of blue cheese and you've got yourself a crazy good spiced-up lunch that took 10 seconds to put together. 

3 /18: Buffalo hummus

3/18 :Buffalo hummus

Hummus dip is good, but smooth, garlicky hummus with a Buffalo kick is amazing.

4 /18: Cheesy Buffalo mushroom poppers

4/18 :Cheesy Buffalo mushroom poppers

These round little balls of cheesy Buffalo dreaminess take jalapeño poppers to a whole new level.

5 /18: Baked Buffalo tempeh tenders

5/18 :Baked Buffalo tempeh tenders

Who needs chicken when you can make these crispy baked Buffalo tempeh tenders?

6 /18: Buffalo Brussels sprouts

6/18 :Buffalo Brussels sprouts

Look, even if you hate Brussels sprouts, you're not going to be able to stop eating these.

7 /18: Buffalo-ranch Chex mix

7/18 :Buffalo-ranch Chex mix

Buffalo-cheddar ranch Chex mix is what dreams are made of, and it only takes four minutes to cook.

8 /18: Buffalo-ranch popcorn

8/18 :Buffalo-ranch popcorn

The beauty of this super-easy popcorn recipe is its simplicity — perfect for a movie night in.

9 /18: Buffalo chickpea veggie burgers

9/18 :Buffalo chickpea veggie burgers

As blogger Peas & Crayons puts it, these veggie burgers are a "total roundhouse kick to the tastebuds."

10 /18: Buffalo mozzarella sticks

10/18 :Buffalo mozzarella sticks

11 /18: Buffalo-ranch deviled eggs

11/18 :Buffalo-ranch deviled eggs

These aren't your grandmother's deviled eggs. Backyard cookouts just got a little more interesting.

12 /18: Buffalo chickpea pizza

12/18 :Buffalo chickpea pizza

Buffalo spice. Pizza. What's not to love?

13 /18: Buffalo chicken & broccoli bowls

13/18 :Buffalo chicken & broccoli bowls

Serve Buffalo chicken and broccoli over cauliflower rice for a healthy weeknight meal.

14 /18: Crispy Buffalo tofu bites

14/18 :Crispy Buffalo tofu bites

These Buffalo bites with garlicky yogurt and feta dip are so good, you don't even realize you're eating tofu.

15 /18: Buffalo cauliflower tacos with cucumber ranch

15/18 :Buffalo cauliflower tacos with cucumber ranch

OK, we weren't going to mention any more cauliflower, but... tacos.

16 /18: Buffalo jackfruit dip

16/18 :Buffalo jackfruit dip

Jackfruit is quickly becoming the all-star of the vegan world, and this dip is proof.

17 /18: Buffalo almonds

17/18 :Buffalo almonds

Taking little nuggets of Buffalo heaven to snack on at work just got a whole lot easier.

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