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13 Camping Snacks That Are Tasty & Nutritious


SheKnows Editorial

Sleeping bags? Check. Tent? Check. Bug spray? Check. Plenty of water? Oh, you bet.

But wait; you might be missing a very important item on your camping list: camping snacks. Because if you thought you could get by with just hot dogs in the evening and granola and/or protein bars in the morning, oh, you’re sorely mistaken — especially when kids are involved.

When kids are camping, the last thing you want to have to deal with is complicated food preparation. Instead, you should focus on fairly nutritious snacks that’ll work for your kids, providing them with hydration, carbs, salt and protein so they feel ready to conquer the world, even after a long hike in the summer sun.

Plus, when you take your breaks mid-hike, one of the best things to look forward to is some sweet-and-salty trail mix or even some teriyaki jerky.

So, before you head out this summer, don’t forget to pack one of these 13 tasty yet nutritious snacks.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2017.

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