11 Refreshing Summer Snack Combos Your Kids Will Love

by Justina Huddleston
May 17, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Kids play hard in the summer, so a steady stream of refreshing snacks is a must. The key is pairing cooling items like punch and ice pops with those that offer sustaining protein, like nuts and cheese.

With these snack combos in tow, your kids will be able to play to their hearts' content all summer long.

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1/12 :Clementines and cashews

Rich cashews and juicy clementines will satisfy any summer snack craving.

2 /12: Strawberries and Greek yogurt

2/12 :Strawberries and Greek yogurt

Ripe red strawberries dunked in protein-rich Greek yogurt are a snack as healthy as it is delicious.

3 /12: Lime-flavored tortilla chips and watermelon

3/12 :Lime-flavored tortilla chips and watermelon

Citrusy, salty lime tortilla chips are a perfect pair with juicy, refreshing watermelon.

4 /12: Robinsons Fruit Shoot® and PB crackers

4/12 :Robinsons Fruit Shoot® and PB crackers

Peanut butter is full of energy-boosting protein and best washed down with a refreshing fruit punch.

5 /12: Cucumber spears and ranch dip

5/12 :Cucumber spears and ranch dip

On a hot day, nothing hits the spot like cooling cucumber spears and ranch dip.

6 /12: Bell pepper slices and spreadable cheese

6/12 :Bell pepper slices and spreadable cheese

The refreshing crunch of bell peppers is even more satisfying when they're slathered with cheese spread.

7 /12: Ice pops and cold sparkling water

7/12 :Ice pops and cold sparkling water

Bubbly water makes each taste of a sweet fruit ice pop even more thirst-quenching. 

8 /12: Frozen grapes and cottage cheese

8/12 :Frozen grapes and cottage cheese

Icy grapes and the cool creaminess of cottage cheese make for a snack kids will crave when the days get warmer.

9/12 :Kiwi and banana

Tangy kiwis and sweet bananas are a snacking duo that's hard to beat.

10 /12: Raspberries and string cheese

10/12 :Raspberries and string cheese

String cheese is like an activity and a food in one, while raspberries offer a sweet end to snack time.

11 /12: Baby carrots and lemon hummus

11/12 :Baby carrots and lemon hummus

Lemon hummus has a kick to it that brightens up the flavor of snappy, sweet baby carrots.

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