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6 Mom Bloggers Leading the Healthy Kids Eating Movement

“What should I make for dinner?” It’s a question most of us ask ourselves daily. Most moms want to provide kids with the nutrients their bodies need, but that can be easy to toss out the window on busy days when the drive-thru or microwave beckons.

The women featured in the slideshow ahead aim to address exactly this quandary. Not only do they want to take the stress out of healthy meal-planning for parents, but they’re also creating kid-friendly recipes and helping children learn how to internalize healthy eating habits.

Even though these moms all have their own individual approach to healthy family-friendly eating, they share the same mission when it comes to teaching kids how to prepare, cook and crave nutritious meals. Find out more about their inspiring work, and of course, bookmark all their blogs to steal their recipe ideas for yourself.

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