13 Weeknight Dinners That Make the Most of Spring Produce

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 14, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

By April, we're all getting a little weary of heavy cold-weather meals and are more than ready for the crop of fresh produce popping up at the farmers market and grocery store. Still, it takes a minute to figure out your dinner game plan now that you're ditching the go-to cheesy casseroles and bakes you relied on all winter.

The good news is that adding fresh spring ingredients definitely doesn't have to derail your weeknight schedule. These speedy, tasty dinners are brimming with veggies and nutrients — and you can have it on the table in an hour or less. Seriously.

1 /14: Spring pea pasta in basil-lemon sauce

1/14 :Spring pea pasta in basil-lemon sauce

A light, lemony vegan cream sauce coats every bite of this spring pea and asparagus pasta.

2 /14: Ricotta-fava bean pita bites

2/14 :Ricotta-fava bean pita bites

Top pita bread with fava beans, creamy ricotta and bits of crispy prosciutto for a simple, healthy meal. 

3 /14: Spring Buddha bowls

3/14 :Spring Buddha bowls

Roast spring veggies on a sheet pan, then serve over whole grains with Greek yogurt-tahini-turmeric sauce.

4 /14: Strawberry, feta and chicken couscous

4/14 :Strawberry, feta and chicken couscous

Spring berries deserve a place at the table too — try strawberries in this chicken couscous dish.

5 /14: Spring egg and chickpea salad

5/14 :Spring egg and chickpea salad

Smothered in creamy avocado dressing, this hearty dinner salad is loaded with eggs and chickpeas.

6 /14: Spring pasta salad with pesto and peas

6/14 :Spring pasta salad with pesto and peas

Fresh pesto and sweet spring peas make each bite of this pasta like a little taste of warmer weather. 

7 /14: Sesame chicken and asparagus salad

7/14 :Sesame chicken and asparagus salad

Lighten up your favorite sesame chicken by adding it to a salad full of fresh veggies. 

8 /14: Maple-Dijon chicken and spring veggies

8/14 :Maple-Dijon chicken and spring veggies

This dish of sheet pan maple-Dijon chicken with spring veggies is made even better thanks to bacon. 

9 /14: Spring tortellini soup

9/14 :Spring tortellini soup

For those chilly spring nights, nothing hits the spot quite like this veggie-packed tortellini soup

10 /14: Spring veggie frittata with arugula

10/14 :Spring veggie frittata with arugula

An easy frittata made with prosciutto, spring asparagus, green onions and cheese is a tasty hands-off dinner. 

11 /14: Spring Cobb salad

11/14 :Spring Cobb salad

Grilled leeks and asparagus add a smoky flavor to this salad with poached eggs and chicken.

12 /14: Asparagus tacos with radish salsa

12/14 :Asparagus tacos with radish salsa

Sautéed asparagus and beans are tucked inside tortillas and covered with radish salsa in this 30-minute recipe

13 /14: Ramp spaghetti

13/14 :Ramp spaghetti

Arguably the easiest way to add spring veggies to your meals: Toss some with a simple spaghetti.

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