21 Cute Cookware Items You Never Knew You Needed

by Macy Daniela Martin
Mar 19, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Image: SheKnows

If you refresh your closet with a few new pieces at the start of spring, it’s time to think about doing the same for your kitchen. Seriously, whether you’re an avid meal prepper or a takeout connoisseur, a little something new in your cabinets — think trendy utensils or bright pots and pans — is bound to leave you feeling extra cool.

Though you won’t earn a Michelin star for cutest cookware (if only!), swapping out your tired supplies might just be the confidence-booster you need to tackle home-cooked meals like a pro, regardless of the outcome. Not sure what to get? Channel your inner Top Chef and shop our 20 best picks.

1 /22: Gingham silicone spatulas

1/22 :Gingham silicone spatulas

Bring the spring ‘17 gingham trend straight to your kitchen with these picnic-ready spatulas.

Green Gingham Silicone Spatulas Set of 2, $16 at World Market

2 /22: Marble stacking pinch pot set

2/22 :Marble stacking pinch pot set

For those recipes that call for “just a pinch” of something.

Marble Stacking Pinch Pot Set, $24 at Anthropologie

3 /22: Copper mortar & pestle

3/22 :Copper mortar & pestle

Muddling ingredients has never looked so on-trend.

Copper Mortar & Pestle, $50 at William Sonoma

4 /22: Trivet

4/22 :Trivet

NBD, just the hippest trivet your kitchen table will ever see.

Trivet, $13 at H&M Home

5 /22: Galvanized weave oil & vinegar bottle set

5/22 :Galvanized weave oil & vinegar bottle set

When practical cooking supplies meets cute kitchen décor, you get this rustic duo.

Galvanized Weave Oil & Vinegar Bottle Set, $30 at Pier 1

6 /22: Copper upright ladle spoon rest

6/22 :Copper upright ladle spoon rest

Goodbye, messy counters! Hello, pretty spoon rest.

Copper Upright Ladle Spoon Rest, $7 at World Market

7 /22: The Grate Taco cheese grater

7/22 :The Grate Taco cheese grater

Let’s taco bout it.

The Grate Taco Cheese Grater, $10 at Urban Outfitters

8 /22: 3-piece metallic serving utensil set

8/22 :3-piece metallic serving utensil set

Your inner unicorn has already added this mesmerizing multichrome set to your cart.

3-Piece Metallic Serving Utensil Set, $26 at Urban Outfitters

9 /22: Marble & wood cutting board

9/22 :Marble & wood cutting board

Pro tip: use the marble end of this cutting board to set up flat lays worthy of all the likes — or, you know, to cut things.

Marble + Wood Cutting Board - Rectangle, $31 at West Elm

10 /22: Kate Spade She Follows Her Nose heart pan

10/22 :Kate Spade She Follows Her Nose heart pan

We can see the pre-meal Instagrams already!

Kate Spade She Followers Her Nose Heart Pan, $15 at Kate Spade

11 /22: Gama Go Kitty egg mold

11/22 :Gama Go Kitty egg mold

“How would you like your eggs?” Purr-fectly shaped, thanks.

Gama-Go Kitty Egg Mold, $10; at Sur La Table

12 /22: Door knob sugar bowl

12/22 :Door knob sugar bowl

Be still our vintage-obsessed, sugar-loving hearts.

Door Knob Sugar Bowl, $24 at Francesca’s

13 /22: Zest glass citrus juicer

13/22 :Zest glass citrus juicer

If you like fresh juice, you’ll love this unique (and super pretty) juicer.

Zest Glass Citrus Juicer, $4 at CB2

14 /22: Spritta apple slicer

14/22 :Spritta apple slicer

Because apple slices are for adults, too.

SPRITTA Apple Slicer, $3 at IKEA

15 /22: Coral cutlery

15/22 :Coral cutlery

Everyone deserves pretty cutlery, OK?

Coral Cutlery With a Mother-of-Pearl, $5 at Zara Home

16 /22: Secret-ingredient spoon

16/22 :Secret-ingredient spoon

Here’s how to stir a bit of love into everything you make.

Secret Ingredient Spoon, $10 at Modcloth

17 /22: Scoops of Flower measuring spoons

17/22 :Scoops of Flower measuring spoons

Measuring spoons that look like flowers. We repeat: measuring spoons that look. like. flowers.

One Hundred 80 Degrees Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons, $30 at Modcloth

18 /22: Imusa tortilla warmer

18/22 :Imusa tortilla warmer

This colorful creation will keep your tortillas warm for up to an hour — score!

Imusa Tortilla Warmer, $8 at Sur La Table

19 /22: Pastel nesting bowls

19/22 :Pastel nesting bowls

The three Cs: colorful, compact, and (eco) chic.

Pastel Nesting Bowls, $70 at Bamboozle Home

20 /22: Farberware Purecook ceramic nonstick cookware

20/22 :Farberware Purecook ceramic nonstick cookware

If you don’t love cooking, a beautiful set like this just might change your mind.

Farberware Purecook Ceramic Nonstick Cookware 12 Piece Cookware Set, $180 at Wayfair

21 /22: Smeg stand mixer

21/22 :Smeg stand mixer

Behold, a pink, retro-inspired mixer. Need we say more? (Urban Outfitters, $460)


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