14 Nutrient- and Flavor-Packed Recipes to Make While You're Pregnant

by Heather Barnett
Mar 16, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Pregnancy Foods
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Having a bun in your figurative oven doesn't mean you have to make snoozy food in your literal oven. These 14 recipes are great sources of the prenatal nutrients your OB might recommend, minus the yawn-factor. Just make sure to check with your doc first to make sure you don't have any special dietary restrictions — then, click through and start cooking!

1 /15: Berry granola Greek yogurt bowls

1/15 :Berry granola Greek yogurt bowls

The blueberries, strawberries and bananas in this Greek yogurt bowl provide blood pressure-controlling potassium.

2 /15: Southwest avocado toast

2/15 :Southwest avocado toast

Avocados are high in healthy fat, folate and potassium. Can't handle the onions on this toast? Try black beans instead.

3 /15: Middle Eastern chickpea & black bean salad

3/15 :Middle Eastern chickpea & black bean salad

The legumes in this salad are an excellent source of folate, which many pregnant moms are short on.

4 /15: 10-minute huevos rancheros

4/15 :10-minute huevos rancheros

Amp your baby's neural development with a healthy dose of choline provided by this Mexican egg breakfast.

5 /15: Baked sweet potato fries

5/15 :Baked sweet potato fries

Did your OB ask you to increase your vitamin A? Snack on these baked sweet potato fries.

6 /15: Lemon-chamomile and yogurt crepes

6/15 :Lemon-chamomile and yogurt crepes

Probiotic Greek yogurt in these crepes provides digestive support and the boost of calcium and protein moms-to-be need.

7 /15: Baked salmon and lentils

7/15 :Baked salmon and lentils

Omega-3 fatty acids, like those in salmon, are essential during pregnancy. Two or three fatty fish meals a week should do.

8 /15: One-pot kale, butternut squash and ground beef pasta

8/15 :One-pot kale, butternut squash and ground beef pasta

High-fiber leafy greens prevent constipation. If you don't like kale, try broccoli in this hearty dish for the same effect.

9 /15: T-bone steak with blue cheese

9/15 :T-bone steak with blue cheese

Get your iron, choline and B vitamins the fancy (but simple!) way with a lean cut of beef (just be sure that if you're topping it with blue cheese, it's pasteurized).

10 /15: Minty green apple smoothie

10/15 :Minty green apple smoothie

Give this pregnancy-friendly smoothie a boost of vitamin D and omega-3s by adding a little fish liver oil.

11 /15: Polenta pancakes with berries

11/15 :Polenta pancakes with berries

Vitamin C, fiber, healthy carbs and a low glycemic index value make the berries in this pancake dish a win for moms and babies.

12 /15: Oatmeal-peanut butter bars

12/15 :Oatmeal-peanut butter bars

Incubating mamas need more calories. Whole grains, like oats and quinoa, fit the bill, but with more nutrients than refined.

13 /15: Energy bites

13/15 :Energy bites

Dried fruits contain all the nutrients of their hydrated versions. These bites have those, plus tons of seeds, nuts, and protein powder.

14 /15: Flavor-infused water

14/15 :Flavor-infused water

Pregnancy only makes getting your daily water more important — flavored waters make it seem like pampering.

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