WTF a Superfood Latte Is and Why You Need One

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 11, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

If you have Instagram, chances are you've seen your fair share of superfood lattes. But what's actually in them? While there's no scientific or medical definition of "superfoods," lattes that claim to contain them are often made with powdered herbs, roots, spices and veggies that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They might also include spirulina (an algae), reishi and chaga (mushrooms), lucuma (a fruit) and maca (a root).

They're often mixed with a blend of vegan milks to make them creamy and paired with sweeteners and spices that can help mask the sometimes unusual and bitter flavors of the powders. But that's the beauty of the superfood latte — once you mix the parts together, it tastes like a yummy tea latte that you'd drink any other day. In that case, why not add some superfoods? Try one for yourself in the recipes to follow.

1 /15: Charcoal baobab superfood latte

1/15 :Charcoal baobab superfood latte

Charcoal turns these lattes, made with maca, baobab and chaga mushrooms, inky black. 

2 /15: Bee pollen reishi latte

2/15 :Bee pollen reishi latte

Ginger and turmeric give life (and color!) to this golden latte filled with hemp, brown rice, bee pollen and reishi. 

3 /15: Hemp, beet, acai cocoa

3/15 :Hemp, beet, acai cocoa

This vegan red velvet latte is made with hemp, brown rice, beet and acai powder.

4 /15: Superfood maca carob latte

4/15 :Superfood maca carob latte

The caramel sweetness of carob and nuttiness of maca make for a latte that's like a healthier twist on cocoa.

5 /15: Superfood matcha latte

5/15 :Superfood matcha latte

Get a mega antioxidant boost by making yourself a cozy matcha latte.

6 /15: Warm gingerbread elixir latte

6/15 :Warm gingerbread elixir latte

Lucuma, honey cap mushroom, reishi and maca powder all make their way into this vegan gingerbread latte.

7 /15: Creamy matcha moringa latte

7/15 :Creamy matcha moringa latte

Subtly sweet moringa leaf, high in antioxidants and vitamins, is a natural pairing with matcha in this latte.

8 /15: Hemp, lucuma and chaga latte

8/15 :Hemp, lucuma and chaga latte

Cinnamon and cayenne pepper seamlessly blend with hemp, lucuma and chaga in this latte.

9 /15: Reishi chocolate latte

9/15 :Reishi chocolate latte

Reishi mushrooms are full of antioxidants, and the chocolate in this latte neutralizes any bitterness.

10 /15: Dandelion tea latte

10/15 :Dandelion tea latte

Made with roasted dandelion root to support liver health, this warm latte is a great coffee alternative.

11 /15: Blue spirulina latte

11/15 :Blue spirulina latte

Drink cold or warm, but either way, this blue-green latte is a bright start to your day. 

12 /15: Maca reishi latte

12/15 :Maca reishi latte

Cinnamon spiced and vegan, this maca reishi latte will prepare you for whatever the day throws your way.

13 /15: Chaga chai latte

13/15 :Chaga chai latte

Add some superfood to your day by just adding a dash of chaga mushroom powder to your latte.

14 /15: Turmeric maca superfood latte

14/15 :Turmeric maca superfood latte

Why settle for one superfood when you could have two? This latte combines turmeric and maca for a warm drink.

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