13 Delicious Field Trip Snacks That Don't Require Refrigeration

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 13, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Field trips are a blast, but once your kids are on their way, you have no idea what they'll be eating. And nothing spells trouble like a hangry child trapped on a bus or — please, no — in a museum, tummy grumbling away. Luckily, you don't have to send your kid off empty-handed. These satisfying snacks will help things go smoothly by keeping them full and energized on their day away, no refrigerators required.

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1 /14: GoGo squeeZ Strawberry YogurtZ

1/14 :GoGo squeeZ Strawberry YogurtZ

Made with real yogurt, fruit and packed with protein, GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ is cool because it doesn’t have to be cold!

2/14 :Mixed nuts

Plain or flavored, mixed nuts are full of protein to give kids energy on a big day.

3/14 :Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is the perfect solution when kids want something sweet (candy and long bus trips just don't mix). 

4/14 :Beef jerky

Beef jerky comes in all sorts of flavors and is a fun high-protein, low-fuss snack to bring on the road.

5/14 :Granola

Granola in milk can get soggy, but on its own, it's a crunchy, slightly sweet snack.

6 /14: Whole-grain tortilla chips

6/14 :Whole-grain tortilla chips

Salty, crispy and satisfying, whole-grain tortilla chips travel well.

7 /14: Wheat crackers

7/14 :Wheat crackers

Stone-ground or woven, whole wheat crackers are full of healthy fiber so kids stay full on long trips.

8/14 :Veggie chips

Chips made from veggies like sweet potato, kale and carrots make for colorful crispy snacks. 

9/14 :Popcorn

From white cheddar to kettle corn, every kid loves popcorn (and it's a whole grain!). 

10 /14: Dried seaweed crisps

10/14 :Dried seaweed crisps

Seaweed crisps, whether salted or sesame flavored, are a healthy alternative to potato chips.

11 /14: Fruit snacks

11/14 :Fruit snacks

Chewy, colorful fruit snacks are always a hit — look for those made with real fruit juice.

12/14 :Pretzels

Crunchy pretzels aren't just tasty, they can help settle the stomach on long school bus rides too. 

13/14 :Trail mix

Packed with all kinds of ingredients, trail mix is a high-energy snack that never gets boring.

14 /14: Pin for later

14/14 :Pin for later

Pin these snack ideas for later — your kids' school bus driver will thank you.