20 Grab-and-Go Breakfasts That Aren’t at All Depressing

by Justina Huddleston
Feb 14, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET

Make time for the most important meal of the day with these make-ahead and instant breakfasts.

1 /21: PB&J waffle sandwiches

1/21 :PB&J waffle sandwiches

Make your frozen toaster waffles a more substantial breakfast with a healthy schmear of PB&J

2 /21: Tomato ricotta toasts

2/21 :Tomato ricotta toasts

This recipe uses macadamia nut ricotta, but you can swap it for dairy ricotta if you're not vegan.

3 /21: Grab-n-go breakfast wraps

3/21 :Grab-n-go breakfast wraps

Make a batch of hard-boiled eggs, then whip up one of these ham and cheese breakfast wraps each morning.

4 /21: Chocolate-peanut butter apple bites

4/21 :Chocolate-peanut butter apple bites

Cut an apple, slather it in peanut butter, granola and chocolate, then throw it into a Tupperware and go.

5 /21: Blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars

5/21 :Blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars

Make a batch of these blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars for an easy morning meal all week.

6 /21: Peanut butter and jelly overnight oats

6/21 :Peanut butter and jelly overnight oats

Your favorite easy sandwich makes for a simple and tasty make-ahead breakfast.

7 /21: Fried egg and avocado toast

7/21 :Fried egg and avocado toast

While your egg fries, smash some avocado onto a piece of toast and before you know it, breakfast is done.

8 /21: Sausage-egg breakfast rolls

8/21 :Sausage-egg breakfast rolls

Make and freeze these egg and sausage breakfast rolls, then microwave or toast in the morning and go.

9 /21: Baked banana oatmeal cups

9/21 :Baked banana oatmeal cups

Bake then freeze these hearty banana oatmeal cups, then microwave at home or work for an easy meal.

10 /21: Overnight raspberry-peach crisp parfaits

10/21 :Overnight raspberry-peach crisp parfaits

Make these sweet layered parfaits in lidded jars so you can just grab one from the fridge on your way to work.

11 /21: Freezer breakfast burritos

11/21 :Freezer breakfast burritos

Fast food breakfast burritos are a no-go, but these make-head freezer burritos are a winning choice.

12 /21: Coconut-chai quinoa breakfast bars

12/21 :Coconut-chai quinoa breakfast bars

Full of healthy grains and seeds, these breakfast bars are a quick, portable meal each morning.

13 /21: Loaded breakfast biscuits

13/21 :Loaded breakfast biscuits

A pan of these biscuits takes just 25 minutes to bake, and you'll have breakfast made for a week. 

14 /21: Vegan pumpkin cornbread mug cake

14/21 :Vegan pumpkin cornbread mug cake

Microwavable and grain-free, these mug cakes are the perfect grab-and-go meal to accompany your morning coffee.

15 /21: Cinnamon-vanilla breakfast protein bites

15/21 :Cinnamon-vanilla breakfast protein bites

Skip the prepackaged protein bar and try these easy-to-make cinnamon-vanilla protein bites instead.

16 /21: Egg and sausage breakfast taquitos

16/21 :Egg and sausage breakfast taquitos

Thanks to fully cooked sausage links, you can make these taquitos the morning of or make ahead and reheat.

17 /21: Peanut butter-banana overnight oats

17/21 :Peanut butter-banana overnight oats

Make a few jars of these peanut butter-banana overnight oats, then grab one from the fridge on your way to work.

18 /21: Grab-n-go mini breakfast casseroles

18/21 :Grab-n-go mini breakfast casseroles

Cheesy and loaded with veggies and meat, these savory casseroles are a perfect freeze-and-heat breakfast.

19 /21: Ham, egg and cheese breakfast sliders

19/21 :Ham, egg and cheese breakfast sliders

Breakfast for a crowd in just 20 minutes is possible thanks to this pleasingly cheesy recipe.

20 /21: Grab-n-go pancake muffins

20/21 :Grab-n-go pancake muffins

Savory or sweet, these make-ahead pancake muffins can be frozen and reheated for breakfast on the go.

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