Quick empanadas your kids will gladly eat

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 13, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Dinner, dessert or snack time, you can't go wrong with these family-friendly empanada recipes.

1 /20: Easy cheesy chicken empanadas

1/20 :Easy cheesy chicken empanadas

It's a classic combo the whole family will love: chicken and cheese

2 /20: Buffalo chicken empanadas

2/20 :Buffalo chicken empanadas

Refrigerater biscuit dough makes it easy to whip up these Buffalo chicken empanadas, even on busy weeknights.

3 /20: Fruit empanadas

3/20 :Fruit empanadas

With this recipe, transform fresh fruit into a sweet and tasty empanada filling.

4 /20: Gluten-free cheesy squash empanadas

4/20 :Gluten-free cheesy squash empanadas

Cheesy, starchy carbs don't get more kid-friendly than these empanadas.

5 /20: Venezuelan ham and cheese empanadas

5/20 :Venezuelan ham and cheese empanadas

You'll never look at Hot Pockets the same way again after tasting these ham and cheese empanadas.

6 /20: Gluten-free honey ham and potato empanadas

6/20 :Gluten-free honey ham and potato empanadas

It doesn't get much homier than these honey ham and potato empanadas.

7 /20: Raspberry cream cheese empanadas

7/20 :Raspberry cream cheese empanadas

Crescent roll dough, raspberries and cream cheese make these empanadas a perfectly easy dessert.

8 /20: Sweet cherry empanadas

8/20 :Sweet cherry empanadas

Sweet-tart cherries fill these irresistible empanadas

9 /20: Baked rhubarb empanadas

9/20 :Baked rhubarb empanadas

Sweetened rhubarb filling makes these empanadas taste like nature's answer to Sour Patch Kids.

10 /20: Spinach and mozzarella empanadas

10/20 :Spinach and mozzarella empanadas

Put an Italian twist on your empanadas with this version, stuffed with mozzarella and spinach.

11 /20: Pineapple empanadas

11/20 :Pineapple empanadas

No kid will turn down a sweet, flaky pineapple empanada.

12 /20: Turkey sausage and Gruyère empanadas

12/20 :Turkey sausage and Gruyère empanadas

A turkey sausage blend made from ground meat and spices makes these empanadas' flavor shine.

13 /20: Chicken enchilada empanadas

13/20 :Chicken enchilada empanadas

These empanadas have all the creamy flavor of your favorite chicken enchiladas.

14 /20: Baked ground beef empanadas

14/20 :Baked ground beef empanadas

Baked empanadas stuffed with ground beef are a lighter take on the original.

15 /20: Leftover turkey, corn and cheese empanadas

15/20 :Leftover turkey, corn and cheese empanadas

Use leftover turkey and corn to make these easy empanadas.

16 /20: Cheesy corn and chili empanadas

16/20 :Cheesy corn and chili empanadas

Spicy, sweet and savory, these cheesy corn and chili empanadas offer something for everyone.

17 /20: Chicken salsa empanadas

17/20 :Chicken salsa empanadas

Chicken and salsa add juicy flavor to these empanadas.

18 /20: Chili relleno empanadas

18/20 :Chili relleno empanadas

Refrigerater biscuits make quick work of these chili relleno empanadas.

19 /20: Corn and black bean empanadas

19/20 :Corn and black bean empanadas

Kids won't even realize they're getting their veggies in when they taste these flaky corn and bean empanadas.

20 /20: Whole-wheat breakfast empanadas

20/20 :Whole-wheat breakfast empanadas

Get a healthy protein-filled breakfast on the go by making these empanadas ahead of time and freezing them.