19 reasons chicken tenders make the perfect dinner hack

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 11, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Crispy or naked, frozen or from the deli, pre-cooked chicken tenders get dinner made faster.

1 /19: Crispy chicken and beet hummus pitas

1/19 :Crispy chicken and beet hummus pitas

Stuff these pitas with crispy chicken tenders and vibrant beet hummus for a quick meal.

2 /19: Easy chicken spaghetti

2/19 :Easy chicken spaghetti

Creamy Alfredo pasta with asparagus is even tastier when topped with crispy chicken.

3 /19: Crispy chicken salad with pineapple

3/19 :Crispy chicken salad with pineapple

Top this salad with pineapple salsa and frozen crispy chicken tenders for a satisfying meal.

4 /19: Firecracker chicken tenders

4/19 :Firecracker chicken tenders

Frozen crispy chicken tenders are tossed with a sweet and spicy Asian-inspired sauce in this easy recipe.

5 /19: Gluten-free Hip Chicks chicken and waffles

5/19 :Gluten-free Hip Chicks chicken and waffles

Hip Chicks is the new organic free-range chicken on the block. Their chicken and waffles recipe looks super-kid-friendly.

6 /19: Chicken fingers with mac and cheese

6/19 :Chicken fingers with mac and cheese

Their personal-size chicken fingers with mac and cheese recipe looks like a kid-pleaser too.

7 /19: Crispy chipotle chicken tacos

7/19 :Crispy chipotle chicken tacos

Crispy chicken tenders heated from frozen make these chipotle tacos super-easy to pull together on busy nights.

8 /19: Honey-pepper chicken mac and cheese

8/19 :Honey-pepper chicken mac and cheese

Toss cooked crispy chicken tenders (from frozen) with honey-pepper sauce, then use them to top mac and cheese.

9 /19: Ramen noodle General Tso's

9/19 :Ramen noodle General Tso's

Frozen crispy chicken tenders or nuggets get the star treatment in this recipe for General Tso's ramen noodles.

10 /19: Orange peel chicken

10/19 :Orange peel chicken

Use crispy chicken tenders or even nuggets to make this tangy orange peel chicken.

11 /19: Honey- and soy-glazed chicken

11/19 :Honey- and soy-glazed chicken

Rice vinegar, soy sauce and honey make a flavorful sauce for crispy chicken tenders in this recipe.

12 /19: Cheesy chicken broccoli-rice casserole

12/19 :Cheesy chicken broccoli-rice casserole

Using pre-cooked frozen chicken tenders makes this cheesy broccoli-rice casserole even easier to cook.

13 /19: Chicken, avocado and raspberry salad

13/19 :Chicken, avocado and raspberry salad

Add some heft to this flavorful salad by topping it with crispy chicken tenders.

14 /19: Bacon-wrapped Buffalo tenders

14/19 :Bacon-wrapped Buffalo tenders

Wrapped in bacon, cooked frozen Buffalo chicken tenders are drenched in blue cheese sauce in this recipe.

15 /19: Sriracha-honey chicken tenders

15/19 :Sriracha-honey chicken tenders

Frozen crispy chicken tenders coated in Sriracha-honey sauce and served with homemade dip are a fun snack.

16 /19: Crispy Buffalo chicken tacos

16/19 :Crispy Buffalo chicken tacos

Frozen Buffalo chicken tenders are the secret to these easy tacos.

17 /19: Chicken and broccoli penne pasta

17/19 :Chicken and broccoli penne pasta

Add pre-cooked frozen chicken tenders to this creamy penne and broccoli dish for a hearty, satisfying meal.

18 /19: Creamy tomato, chicken and spinach pasta

18/19 :Creamy tomato, chicken and spinach pasta

Frozen pre-cooked chicken tenders add protein and heft to this pasta dish.

19 /19: Chicken piccata pasta

19/19 :Chicken piccata pasta

Sautée chicken breast tenders in a white wine and lemon juice sauce, then toss with pasta and capers.