20 pork chop recipes way better than Grandma's

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 9, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Juicy, flavorful pork chops with none of the dry, boring flavors you're used to -- we've got loads of recipes that fit the bill.

And check out our exclusive tips on cooking the perfect pork chop from Season 14 Bravo's Top Chef contestants.

1 /20: 7-Up and soy-marinated pork chops

1/20 :7-Up and soy-marinated pork chops

This recipe gets creative, combining soy sauce and soda to make irresistible pork chops

2 /20: Fennel-coriander-brined pork chops

2/20 :Fennel-coriander-brined pork chops

Soaked in a brine of fennel and coriander before cooking, these pork chops are juicy and flavorful.

3 /20: Cranberry-balsamic pork chops

3/20 :Cranberry-balsamic pork chops

Tangy-sweet balsamic vinegar and cranberries are a perfect pair in this pork chop recipe.

4 /20: Cranberry-maple pork chops

4/20 :Cranberry-maple pork chops

Tart cranberries and earthily sweet maple syrup make these pork chops just the thing on a chilly night. 

5 /20: Blueberry pork chops

5/20 :Blueberry pork chops

Watch your dinner guests' jaws drop when you serve up these blueberry pork chops

6 /20: Creamy lemon-basil pork chops

6/20 :Creamy lemon-basil pork chops

The lemon-basil sauce in this recipe shows that pork chops don't have to be heavy.

7 /20: Horseradish-crusted pork chops

7/20 :Horseradish-crusted pork chops

Add a jolt of bold flavor to your pork chops with a horseradish crust. 

8 /20: Creamy Cajun pork chops

8/20 :Creamy Cajun pork chops

Fiery Cajun spices are tempered by a creamy sauce in this pork chop recipe

9 /20: Gouda-bacon-stuffed pork chops

9/20 :Gouda-bacon-stuffed pork chops

Pork chops don't get more indulgent than these, stuffed with Gouda and bacon. 

10 /20: North African chops with chickpeas

10/20 :North African chops with chickpeas

Chickpeas and crispy sage add flavor and texture to these North African pork chops

11 /20: Coffee- and garlic-rubbed pork chops

11/20 :Coffee- and garlic-rubbed pork chops

Coffee isn't just good in the morning — it's the perfect rub for these pork chops too. 

12 /20: Pork chops with pistachio salmuera

12/20 :Pork chops with pistachio salmuera

Topped with fragrant herbs and crushed pistachios, these pork chops are packed with fresh flavors. 

13 /20: Pumpkin curried pork chops

13/20 :Pumpkin curried pork chops

Switch up your usual dinner routine with this recipe for pumpkin curried pork chops.

14 /20: Pan-fried pork chops with chipotle gravy

14/20 :Pan-fried pork chops with chipotle gravy

Smoky chipotle gravy livens up these classically pan-fried pork chops

15 /20: Raspberry-jalapeño pork chops

15/20 :Raspberry-jalapeño pork chops

Sweet and spicy, these raspberry-jalapeño pork chops are tasty enough for company. 

16 /20: Spanish paprika and chorizo pork chops

16/20 :Spanish paprika and chorizo pork chops

Diced chorizo and Spanish paprika give these pork chops a European flair.

17 /20: Thai ginger grilled pork chops

17/20 :Thai ginger grilled pork chops

Thai-inspired pork chops marinated with lots of ginger make for a fragrant, flavorful rice bowl. 

18 /20: Honey-soy grilled pork chops

18/20 :Honey-soy grilled pork chops

Honey-soy pork chops get smoky and caramelized on the grill. 

19 /20: Pan-roasted pork chops with grapes

19/20 :Pan-roasted pork chops with grapes

Sweet grapes add a new depth to these easy pan-roasted pork chops.

20 /20: Slow cooker pork chops with peach salsa

20/20 :Slow cooker pork chops with peach salsa

Sweet peach salsa adds a summery hint of flavor to these pork chops.