Look at all the different baked veggie chips you can make

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 4, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Crunchy, crispy baked veggie chips are the healthful snack you'll be making all year long.

1 /20: Baked taro chips

1/20 :Baked taro chips

Taro chips are a tasty way to try your hand at cooking a new vegetable. 

2 /20: BBQ baked rutabaga chips

2/20 :BBQ baked rutabaga chips

Rutabagas get nice and crispy when baked and pack more flavor than simple potatoes ever could.

3 /20: Cheesy vegan Brussels sprouts chips

3/20 :Cheesy vegan Brussels sprouts chips

Brussels sprouts are turned into healthy junk food in this "cheesy" vegan recipe.

4 /20: Baked sweet potato chips

4/20 :Baked sweet potato chips

Slightly sweet, slightly salty, you won't be able to stop eating these baked sweet potato chips.

5 /20: Baked zucchini chips

5/20 :Baked zucchini chips

Crispy zucchini chips, fresh from the oven, are the best way to scoop up some flavorful dip. 

6 /20: Garlic-dill baked cucumber chips

6/20 :Garlic-dill baked cucumber chips

These cucumber chips are totally blowing my mind right now. Cucumber? Chips? It's a must try. 

7 /20: Baked apple chips

7/20 :Baked apple chips

Baked apple chips are the perfect healthy way to sate your sweet tooth. 

8 /20: Rainbow carrot chips

8/20 :Rainbow carrot chips

Carrots in the colors of the rainbow make for a fun and healthy snack when baked into crispy chips

9 /20: Baked beet chips

9/20 :Baked beet chips

Even the beet-averse will go gaga over these colorful chips

10 /20: Baked kabocha squash chips

10/20 :Baked kabocha squash chips

Kabocha squash chips are delicious, and they add a gorgeous splash of color to your snack spread too. 

11 /20: Baked parsnip chips

11/20 :Baked parsnip chips

Ever wondered what to do with parsnips? This crispy baked chip recipe is your answer.

12 /20: Baked lotus root chips

12/20 :Baked lotus root chips

Lotus root chips aren't just tasty, they're pretty to look at too.

13 /20: Baked plantain chips

13/20 :Baked plantain chips

Crispy plantain chips get a healthier makeover when they're baked instead of fried.

14 /20: Baked purple potato chips

14/20 :Baked purple potato chips

Baked purple potato chips add extra nutrients and a colorful flair to your snack time. 

15 /20: Baked rosemary-garlic kale chips

15/20 :Baked rosemary-garlic kale chips

Kale chips are anything but boring when seasoned with rosemary and garlic. 

16 /20: Baked Parmesan zucchini chips

16/20 :Baked Parmesan zucchini chips

Crusted with breadcrumbs and Parmesan, these flavorful baked zucchini chips are utterly snackable. 

17 /20: Baked sea salt and lime spinach chips

17/20 :Baked sea salt and lime spinach chips

Skip the tortilla chips in favor of these tangy baked spinach crisps

18 /20: Baked pumpkin chips

18/20 :Baked pumpkin chips

Crispy and vibrant, these chips prove that pumpkin is good for so much more than lattes.

19 /20: Baked eggplant chips

19/20 :Baked eggplant chips

If you usually only enjoy eggplant when it's attached to Parmesan, these baked chips will be a revelation.

20 /20: Baked butternut squash chips

20/20 :Baked butternut squash chips

Forget the purées and roasts — butternut chips are the best way to enjoy this common squash.