15-minute New Year's Eve appetizers so you can get this party started

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 26, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Throw together these NYE apps fast so you have more time to build that killer playlist.

1 /20: Goat cheese-stuffed mini peppers

1/20 :Goat cheese-stuffed mini peppers

Make healthier pepper poppers with this simple recipe.

2 /20: 15-minute chickpea salad dip

2/20 :15-minute chickpea salad dip

Serve with crispy pita chips, and this easy chickpea dill salad will be a hit.

3 /20: 15-minute baked figs with goat cheese

3/20 :15-minute baked figs with goat cheese

Creamy and sweet, baked figs with goat cheese, walnut and honey are an easy app.

4 /20: Easy-cheesy Italian bread

4/20 :Easy-cheesy Italian bread

Cheesy garlic bread is simple, sure, but party guests always love it.

5 /20: Baked cherry tomatoes and feta

5/20 :Baked cherry tomatoes and feta

Tangy, tart and sweet, serve this tomato-feta dip with toasted bread.

6 /20: Citrus-herb salt chicken wings

6/20 :Citrus-herb salt chicken wings

Citrus-herb salt places these chicken wings on the refined side of life.

7 /20: Red pepper ricotta crostini

7/20 :Red pepper ricotta crostini

Roasted red pepper and creamy ricotta make this 15-minute crostini a must-try.

8 /20: 15-minute watermelon sashimi

8/20 :15-minute watermelon sashimi

Impress your guests with this 15-minute vegan watermelon sashimi.

9 /20: Caramelized onion-smoked salmon hummus

9/20 :Caramelized onion-smoked salmon hummus

Classic hummus gets party-perfect with the addition of caramelized onions and smoked salmon.

10 /20: Roasted red pepper pinwheels

10/20 :Roasted red pepper pinwheels

Entertaining doesn’t get easier than these 15-minute Italian pinwheels.

11 /20: Cheese fondue mini potatoes

11/20 :Cheese fondue mini potatoes

Melted cheese and potatoes — what’s not to love?

12 /20: Caprese prosciutto cups

12/20 :Caprese prosciutto cups

It takes just 15 minutes and five ingredients to make these tasty prosciutto cups.

13 /20: Baked brie with figs and pistachios

13/20 :Baked brie with figs and pistachios

Simple yet elegant, this baked brie will be everyone’s favorite.

14 /20: Mini tuna pizzas

14/20 :Mini tuna pizzas

Crunchy, creamy and flavorful, these mini tuna pizzas take just 15 minutes to make.

15 /20: Quail egg crostini

15/20 :Quail egg crostini

Crispy and flavorful, this fast quail egg crostini is easier to make than it tastes.

16 /20: 15-minute cheese board

16/20 :15-minute cheese board

Skip the cooking altogether and serve your guests an easy, elegant cheese board.

17 /20: Red Lobster copycat biscuits

17/20 :Red Lobster copycat biscuits

Easy and cheesy, give these 15-minute cheddar biscuits a try.

18 /20: Garlic pizza crescent rolls

18/20 :Garlic pizza crescent rolls

Stuffed with cheesy pizza ingredients, these fast crescent roll appetizers are totally delish.

19 /20: 15-minute skillet jambalaya dip

19/20 :15-minute skillet jambalaya dip

Cheesy, spicy jambalaya dip served with chips and crackers will delight your guests.

20 /20: Pesto flatbread salad pizza

20/20 :Pesto flatbread salad pizza

Cheesy, vibrant pesto flatbread pizza is perfect paired with white wine.