The most delightful bite-size party ball appetizers you'll ever pop in your mouth

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 8, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. ET

These party balls are the perfect bite-size treats to serve up at your holiday soiree.

1 /16: Mini cheese balls on a stick

1/16 :Mini cheese balls on a stick

Savory cheese balls on a stick are a finger food the whole party can get behind.

2 /16: Coconut-white chocolate truffles

2/16 :Coconut-white chocolate truffles

Coconut and white chocolate truffles are like edible snowballs for you and your party guests.

3 /16: Crispy chili crab balls

3/16 :Crispy chili crab balls

Served with a soy dipping sauce, these crispy chili crab balls are the perfect accompaniment to holiday cocktails.

4 /16: Christmas cake bliss balls

4/16 :Christmas cake bliss balls

Almonds, honey, currants and spices make these healthy balls taste just like Christmas cake.

5 /16: Japanese baked salmon balls

5/16 :Japanese baked salmon balls

Glazed with honey, miso and tamari, these salmon balls are a savory snack that hits all the right notes.

6 /16: Monte Cristo potato balls

6/16 :Monte Cristo potato balls

Stuffed with ham and cheese, these crispy potato balls are served with cranberry jam.

7 /16: Vanilla créme balls

7/16 :Vanilla créme balls

Melt-in-your-mouth vanilla créme is coated with chocolate and almonds in this truffle recipe.

8 /16: Gingerbread energy bites

8/16 :Gingerbread energy bites

Have a healthy option on your dessert table with these vegan no-bake gingerbread energy balls.

9 /16: Apple-rosemary sausage balls

9/16 :Apple-rosemary sausage balls

Salty, spicy sausage is tempered by sweet apples and fragrant rosemary in this recipe.

10 /16: No-bake clementine rum balls

10/16 :No-bake clementine rum balls

Flavored with clementine zest and cocoa, these rum balls will melt in your mouth (and get the party started).

11 /16: No-bake mini cheesecake bites

11/16 :No-bake mini cheesecake bites

You won't be able to stop snacking on these mini cheesecake bites — just try to leave some for your guests.

12 /16: Cheesy bread balls

12/16 :Cheesy bread balls

Stuffed with cheese and veggies then fried — what's not to love about these cheesy bread balls

13 /16: Holiday Oreo cookie balls

13/16 :Holiday Oreo cookie balls

Skip the fussy desserts and serve up these sweet Oreo cookie balls instead.

14 /16: Crispy baked corn and rice balls

14/16 :Crispy baked corn and rice balls

Rice and corn balls get crisped up in the oven to create a perfect party bite.

15 /16: Italian stuffing balls

15/16 :Italian stuffing balls

Savory stuffing balls loaded with Italian sausage and spices are sure to be a hit at your party. 

16 /16: Holiday appetizers worth pinning

16/16 :Holiday appetizers worth pinning