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20 perfect lunch bowl recipes to add to your rotation

Lunch is far from my favorite meal. I find it unexciting and meh, both nutritionally and taste-wise. Deli meat squashed by bread? Salads with snoozy dressings and toppings? Takeout soups that tend to be heavy on salt and low on satisfaction? No, thanks. Days when I’m able to pack my lunch or eat at home are definitely better, but even those often find me coming up dry on good ideas. In short, lunch inspiration is often needed, and always welcome.

Enter these 20 seriously tasty-looking lunch bowls. With proteins like quinoa, tofu and chicken and flavors like peanut, lime, curry, teriyaki and Sriracha, these combos are anything but boring or blah. Consider this your next month’s worth of weekday lunch inspo — bookmark these 20 recipes, make them ahead and actually enjoy your lunch break (even if it’s still at your desk).


Originally posted on StyleCaster

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