These inspiring bûche de noël cakes are holiday baking goals to the nth degree

by Justina Huddleston
Nov 26, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Some call them yule logs, everyone calls these rolled cakes spectacular. Take inspiration from these fancy cakes.

1 /19: Eggnog cake yule stump

1/19 :Eggnog cake yule stump

Beneath the frosting, meringue mushrooms and marzipan, this eggnog cake is totally to die for. 

2 /19: Lemon crème brûlée yule log

2/19 :Lemon crème brûlée yule log

Lemon crème brûlée, praline feuillete, hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate mousse — this yule log has it all.

3 /19: Flourless chocolate cake yule log

3/19 :Flourless chocolate cake yule log

Incredibly moist flourless chocolate cake makes this bûche de noël worthy of a holiday celebration.

4 /19: Modern chocolate genoise yule log

4/19 :Modern chocolate genoise yule log

Coated in a chocolate mirror glaze, this sleek bûche de noël is decorated with macarons.

5 /19: Espresso chocolate bark bûche de noël

5/19 :Espresso chocolate bark bûche de noël

Curls of dark chocolate make like bark on this festive yule log cake.

6 /19: Baby bûche de noël

6/19 :Baby bûche de noël

Perfect for parties, these baby bûche de noël will have your guests singing your praises.

7 /19: Mini no-bake bûche de noël

7/19 :Mini no-bake bûche de noël

Festive food doesn't get easier than these no-bake mini yule log cakes.

8 /19: Peanut butter cup yule log

8/19 :Peanut butter cup yule log

Special occasion treats don't get better than this peanut butter-chocolate yule log.

9 /19: Red velvet yule log

9/19 :Red velvet yule log

Red velvet yule logs decorated with peppermint chocolates make for a festive treat indeed.

10 /19: Passionfruit mousse bûche de noël

10/19 :Passionfruit mousse bûche de noël

Add some color to your holiday dessert table with this tropical passionfruit yule log.

11 /19: Snowy mocha bûche de noël

11/19 :Snowy mocha bûche de noël

Dark chocolate mocha bark coated in powdered sugar gives this bûche de noël a snowy look.

12 /19: Mulled wine stump de noël

12/19 :Mulled wine stump de noël

Mulled wine chocolate cake layered with black cherry buttercream is like a holiday gift for your mouth.

13 /19: White chocolate Christmas tea yule log

13/19 :White chocolate Christmas tea yule log

Spiced black tea and white chocolate make this yule log topped with candy Christmas trees worth the effort.

14 /19: Chocolate-chestnut-rum yule log

14/19 :Chocolate-chestnut-rum yule log

Chocolate, chestnut and rum add layers of decadent flavor to this bûche de noël.

15 /19: Tiramisu yule log

15/19 :Tiramisu yule log

Decadent tiramisu gets a holiday makeover in this yule log recipe.

16 /19: Chocolate-mango yule log

16/19 :Chocolate-mango yule log

Sweet, tropical mango combined with chocolate puts a surprising twist on this bûche de noël.

17 /19: Chocolate-oat cashew cream yule log

17/19 :Chocolate-oat cashew cream yule log

Made with rolled oats and a chocolate cashew cream, this yule log is healthy enough for breakfast.

18 /19: Coffee-almond yule stump

18/19 :Coffee-almond yule stump

Almond gâteau is layered with mocha mousse and chocolate frosting in this indulgent yule log recipe.

19 /19: Chocolate yule log cake

19/19 :Chocolate yule log cake

Sinful chocolate cake rolled with whipped cream and a fluffy chocolate icing is as pretty as it is tasty.