The ultimate NFL football team and snack-pairing guide

by Heather Barnett
Nov 28, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Giving your rabid football fans sharp cutlery during a tight game may not be the best idea. These game day dishes, picked especially for each team's fans, can be eaten sans utensils — but we can't promise you won't need lots of napkins.

1 /33: Dallas Cowboys — chicken-fried steak bites

1/33 :Dallas Cowboys — chicken-fried steak bites

Few things are more Texan than crispy chicken-fried steak bites with spicy sausage gravy.

2 /33: New York Giants — NY-style pizza

2/33 :New York Giants — NY-style pizza

Fold up a slice of this authentic New York-style pizza with your favorite toppings. 

3 /33: Philadelphia Eagles — Philly cheese steak sliders

3/33 :Philadelphia Eagles — Philly cheese steak sliders

Juicy steak and sautéed peppers and onions with provolone cheese sauce make for an Eagles-worthy slider.

4 /33: Washington Redskins — crab dip

4/33 :Washington Redskins — crab dip

Succulent lump crab, three kinds of cheese and a hint  of spice make this crab dip a Washington fave.

5 /33: Chicago Bears — Chicago dog

5/33 :Chicago Bears — Chicago dog

Chicagoans dig a beef frank topped with a combo of tangy, sweet and spicy toppers stuffed in a poppy seed bun.

6 /33: Detroit Lions — Coney dog

6/33 :Detroit Lions — Coney dog

Topped with flavorful chili, mustard and onions, Coney dogs are the quintessential Detroit dog.

7 /33: Green Bay Packers — Brat & cheese curd burger

7/33 :Green Bay Packers — Brat & cheese curd burger

This is the only burger worthy of the Cheeseheaded fans of a team started by meat packers.

8 /33: Minnesota Vikings — jucy Lucy meatballs

8/33 :Minnesota Vikings — jucy Lucy meatballs

Squeeze these flavorful cheese-stuffed meatballs between slider buns for a tender, juicy treat beloved by Minnesotans.

9 /33: Atlanta Falcons — chili cheese dog dip

9/33 :Atlanta Falcons — chili cheese dog dip

The classic Atlanta chili cheese dog gets a makeover — chili cheese dog dip.

10 /33: Carolina Panthers — pulled pork sliders

10/33 :Carolina Panthers — pulled pork sliders

Carolina fans will line up for this double-sauced BBQ slider complete with coleslaw.

11 /33: New Orleans Saints — crawfish po' boy

11/33 :New Orleans Saints — crawfish po' boy

In the Big Easy, there ain't no po' boy like a crawfish po' boy — and the BBQ Pit Boys do it right.

12 /33: Tampa Bay Buccaneers — lechón asado

12/33 :Tampa Bay Buccaneers — lechón asado

Bucs sandwich this lechón asado between two buns but you can eat it with your fingers… no judgment here.

13 /33: Arizona Cardinals — Sonoran dog

13/33 :Arizona Cardinals — Sonoran dog

Arizona's Sonoran culture inspired this Ameri-Mex mashup of bacon-wrapped dogs topped with fresh flavors.

14 /33: LA Rams — French dip crescents

14/33 :LA Rams — French dip crescents

LA's Cole's and The Varnish may have created the dip, but the mini dip will save you the drive (and the mess).

15 /33: San Francisco 49ers — Mission burritos

15/33 :San Francisco 49ers — Mission burritos

San Fran Mission-style burritos' chief characteristic is that they're stuffed to the max — we like this for game day.

16 /33: Seattle Seahawks — Seattle dog

16/33 :Seattle Seahawks — Seattle dog

The Seattle dog's toasted bun is slathered with cream cheese and features a grilled frank, onions and more.

17 /33: Buffalo Bills — crispy Buffalo wings

17/33 :Buffalo Bills — crispy Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings smothered in Frank's iconic hot sauce is a no-brainer for Bills fans.

18 /33: Miami Dolphins — tostone sandwiches

18/33 :Miami Dolphins — tostone sandwiches

These clever Cuban sandwiches are made with fried plantain slices — a Miami specialty.

19 /33: New England Patriots — mini lobster rolls

19/33 :New England Patriots — mini lobster rolls

Mini lobster rolls are the perfect finger food to celebrate the abundant fresh seafood of New England.

20 /33: New York Jets — New Jersey-style sloppy Joe

20/33 :New York Jets — New Jersey-style sloppy Joe

New Jersey-style sloppy Joes pack on three different deli meats, coleslaw and French dressing.

21 /33: Baltimore Ravens — crab puffs

21/33 :Baltimore Ravens — crab puffs

Ravens fans will love how premade puff pastry make these crab puffs a cinch to pull off just before the game.

22 /33: Cincinnati Bengals — chili-stuffed hand pies

22/33 :Cincinnati Bengals — chili-stuffed hand pies

Skip the spoon altogether with these fun Cincinnati-style chili-stuffed hand pies.

23 /33: Cleveland Browns — Polish boy

23/33 :Cleveland Browns — Polish boy

Being messy is only part of the Brownie charm of this sausage and fries staple slathered in BBQ sauce.

24 /33: Pittsburg Steelers — chipped ham sandwich

24/33 :Pittsburg Steelers — chipped ham sandwich

Steelers fans have a ton of tweaks for their beloved barbecue chipped ham sandwiches.

25 /33: Houston Texans — smoked brisket sliders

25/33 :Houston Texans — smoked brisket sliders

Smoked meat is important to every Texan, and these brisket sliders make a succulent tailgate snack.

26 /33: Indianapolis Colts — pork tenderloin sliders

26/33 :Indianapolis Colts — pork tenderloin sliders

Consider yourself lucky if a Colts fan brings these breaded pork tenderloin sliders to your party.

27 /33: Jacksonville Jaguars — skewers

27/33 :Jacksonville Jaguars — skewers

Sausage and fresh shrimp are a must at a Jags tailgate — why not try them on this spicy-sweet skewer?

28 /33: Tennessee Titans — hot fried chicken

28/33 :Tennessee Titans — hot fried chicken

A Nashville favorite, this hot fried chicken really brings the heat.

29 /33: Denver Broncos — smashburger

29/33 :Denver Broncos — smashburger

Smashburger restaurants are everywhere, but this now-legendary burger started in Denver.

30 /33: Kansas City Chiefs — burnt ends

30/33 :Kansas City Chiefs — burnt ends

Kansas City is renown nationwide for the mastery of these unbelievably flavorful brisket pieces.

31 /33: Oakland Raiders — BBQ potato skins

31/33 :Oakland Raiders — BBQ potato skins

Tangy barbecue chicken meets an Oakland favorite — stuffed potato skins.

32 /33: San Diego Chargers — fish taco

32/33 :San Diego Chargers — fish taco

Beer-battered fish, chopped cabbage and a distinctive sauce make San Diego's fish tacos a winner.

33 /33: NFL Snacks

33/33 :NFL Snacks