Ramps are here — now go get some for these tasty recipes

by Justina Huddleston
May 3, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. ET

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to get ramped up for ramps. (Yeah, we said it.) If you’re not familiar with this unique and quite tasty vegetable, you’re in for a savory treat.

Ramps, otherwise known as wild spring onions, look a lot like scallions and have a bright, mildly garlicky kind of flavor — you eat the bulbs and the greens. Chefs and home cooks alike go crazy for this tasty delicacy through April and May. In celebration of the ramp-mania hitting the produce stand, we’ve gathered up 20 of our favorite recipes to get the party started.

1 /20: Buttermilk ramp biscuit

1/20 :Buttermilk ramp biscuit

Ramps are in season for a few short weeks in spring. Try this recipe for buttermilk ramp biscuits.

2 /20: Chinese ramp pancakes

2/20 :Chinese ramp pancakes

These flaky ramp pancakes are the perfect dim sum dish to make at home.

3 /20: Ramp white pizza

3/20 :Ramp white pizza

The zesty flavor of ramps paired with mild white cheese makes this pizza to die for.

4 /20: Ramp and shiitake sauté

4/20 :Ramp and shiitake sauté

Earthy mushrooms pair pefectly with tender ramps in this simple dish.

5 /20: Ramp pull-apart bread

5/20 :Ramp pull-apart bread

This warm country loaf is stuffed with ramps, cheese and olive oil — yum!

6 /20: Ramp pesto pasta

6/20 :Ramp pesto pasta

The garlicky, oniony flavor of ramps makes it the perfect sauce for pasta.

7 /20: Spring quinoa bibimbap

7/20 :Spring quinoa bibimbap

This springy bibimbap features ramps, asparagus, fava beans and fiddleheads.

8 /20: Ramps and charcuterie

8/20 :Ramps and charcuterie

This simple dish with ramps, prosciutto and cave-aged Gruyère is the perfect way to showcase broiled ramps.

9 /20: Ramp bloody mary

9/20 :Ramp bloody mary

Infuse vodka with ramps in the spring, then use it all year to make bloody marys.

10 /20: Ramp kimchee

10/20 :Ramp kimchee

Another way to preserve your ramps so you can enjoy them for longer: this spicy kimchee.

11 /20: Ramp butter

11/20 :Ramp butter

Add ramp to everything you eat with this out-of-this-world compound butter.

12 /20: Ramp pesto

12/20 :Ramp pesto

The ultimate spring sauce, ramp pesto tastes great on just about anything.

13 /20: Chimichurri ramps bread

13/20 :Chimichurri ramps bread

Ramps chimichurri is folded right into the dough to create this flavor-packed bread.

14 /20: Grits with ramps

14/20 :Grits with ramps

Ramps and another spring favorite — fiddleheads — are paired here with creamy grits.

15 /20: Ramp-dandelion pasta

15/20 :Ramp-dandelion pasta

Thick noodles are the perfect foil for funky ramps and bitter dandelion greens in this comforting recipe.

16 /20: Ramp and asparagus soup

16/20 :Ramp and asparagus soup

This bright green soup is almost too pretty to eat. Almost!

17 /20: Ramp and farro soup

17/20 :Ramp and farro soup

This soup, full of ramps and hearty farro, is perfect for chilly spring nights before warm weather really sinks in.

18 /20: Pickled ramps

18/20 :Pickled ramps

Pickle ramps in the spring, enjoy them all year long!

19 /20: Spring veggie quiche

19/20 :Spring veggie quiche

This quiche is loaded with the best spring vegetables, including ramps.

20 /20: Ramps over hominy

20/20 :Ramps over hominy

Ramps and arugula are brightened with lemon juice and served over luxurious Parmesan hominy.

Updated by Bethany Ramos on 5/2/16