A Thanksgiving menu that celebrates America’s immigrant heritage

Thanksgiving is a celebration of immigrants. The Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, not from England, but Holland. They had fled there 10 years prior to escape religious persecution, and while the Dutch were tolerant of their beliefs, the only work that was available to immigrants was low-wage jobs that held them down in constant poverty. And so they set sail for America, arriving on the shore of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in October of 1620. While the land was already inhabited by the Wampanoag Indians, who were born in this country, the Pilgrims were accepted.

Today the United States is home to people who can trace their ancestries back to all six inhabited continents, and millions of people from all 196 countries on earth. Thanksgiving is a day for us all come together to celebrate by sharing the one thing that unites us all — food. And as we eat, let us give thanks to every single one of our ancestries and the traditions they contributed to our culture. America is truly a wonderful, and delicious, place to call home.