20 Easy Thanksgiving Pie Recipes That Are Way Better Than Plain Ol' Pumpkin

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 17, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
New Twists on Classic Thanksgiving Pies
Image: Anchiy/Getty Images

November is upon us, and you know what that means! Turkey and stuffing. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Pie and pie. Candied yams and broccoli casserole. Cranberry sauce and dinner rolls. Pie and pie.

Yup, it's time to break out those tastefully stretchy pants and indulge in the one day of the year when gorging ourselves is not only accepted, it's encouraged. Did we mention there will be pie? 

Clearly, pie is one of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving, and since you're here, we're guessing you love it too. The only caveat we have is that sometimes, the same pumpkin and pecan pies do start to get a little old. I mean, we'd never turn a slice down or anything, but we're definitely open to exploring other options this year.

And options we have. These updated versions of Thanksgiving pies will give Grandma's recipes a run for their money. The best part? They're deceptively easy to make.

Originally posted November 2016. Updated October 2017.

1 /20: Maple-bourbon walnut pie

1/20 :Maple-bourbon walnut pie

Just 15 minutes of prep followed by an hour in the oven gets you this maple-bourbon walnut pie.

2 /20: Quick and lazy cranberry galette

2/20 :Quick and lazy cranberry galette

Treat yourself to something sweet with this easy, flavorful cranberry galette.

3 /20: Mascarpone pumpkin pie

3/20 :Mascarpone pumpkin pie

Use a pre-made crust and a scoop of mascarpone cheese for this easy pumpkin pie.

4 /20: Paleo chocolate pecan pie

4/20 :Paleo chocolate pecan pie

Pecan pie gets a paleo makeover in this chocolatey, grain-free recipe.

5 /20: Einkorn apple pie

5/20 :Einkorn apple pie

Trendy einkorn makes a hearty, whole-grain crust for this apple pie.

6 /20: White chocolate macadamia pie

6/20 :White chocolate macadamia pie

Need an easy no-bake pie? Pick up a graham cracker crust and let this recipe do the work for you.

7 /20: Sweet potato chess pie

7/20 :Sweet potato chess pie

Chess pie gets an autumnal makeover thanks to sweet potato in this easy, 10-ingredient recipe.

8 /20: Momofuku crack pie

8/20 :Momofuku crack pie

Get a taste of the trendy crack pie from Momofuku without having to battle long lines of diners.

9 /20: Rustic skillet spiral apple pie

9/20 :Rustic skillet spiral apple pie

Spiralized apples and a store-bought crust are all you need for this easy, fuss-free skillet pie.

10 /20: Easy chocolate meringue pie

10/20 :Easy chocolate meringue pie

A rich chocolate filling is topped with fluffy meringue in this totally decadent pie recipe.

11 /20: Allergy-friendly pumpkin pie

11/20 :Allergy-friendly pumpkin pie

Dairy-free and gluten-free, this pumpkin pie is a safe and tasty treat for the whole family.

12 /20: Rosemary dark chocolate apple tart

12/20 :Rosemary dark chocolate apple tart

Change things up this year by swapping your classic apple pie for this unique dark chocolate rosemary apple tart.

13 /20: White chocolate silk pie

13/20 :White chocolate silk pie

Easy white chocolate silk pie, with just seven ingredients, is a delectable treat for your holiday table.

14 /20: Easy chocolate chip chess pie

14/20 :Easy chocolate chip chess pie

Liven up the classic Southern chess pie by adding chocolate chips into the mix. 

15 /20: Apple pecan pie

15/20 :Apple pecan pie

Thanks to this recipe, you'll never have to choose between apple and pecan pie again.

16 /20: Banana cream cheesecake recipe

16/20 :Banana cream cheesecake recipe

Combine banana cream pie and cheesecake to make this ultra-decadent (and surprisingly easy) holiday dessert.

17 /20: German chocolate pumpkin pie

17/20 :German chocolate pumpkin pie

Taking just 10 minutes to prep, this unique German chocolate upside-down pumpkin pie is a must-try.

18 /20: Dark chocolate pumpkin tart

18/20 :Dark chocolate pumpkin tart

A dark chocolate crust makes this simple pumpkin tart taste surprisingly sophisticated.

19 /20: Bread bowl apple pie

19/20 :Bread bowl apple pie

Tucked inside a fluffy bread bowl, this take on apple pie is perfect for dessert or for breakfast.

20 /20: Pumpkin pie cake

20/20 :Pumpkin pie cake

Pumpkin pie without a fussy crust? This cake is the easy answer.