20 Paleo Thanksgiving Sides That Will Totally Save Your Holiday

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 24, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Let's get real here. Yes, Thanksgiving has become so synonymous with chowing down on the big bird that it's even referred to as "Turkey Day" a lot of the time — but turkey isn't really anyone's favorite part of the holiday feast. The sides are absolutely where all the deliciousness lies.

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, biscuits with tons of butter and cranberry sauce with extra sugar are where it's at. And you can't eat any of it if you're following a strict paleo diet.

But before you get all sad and lament the end of Thanksgiving as you know it now that you've embraced the paleo lifestyle, you should know it's not hard to whip up some sides that are just as good — if not better — than all the traditional, non-paleo fare. And the bonus? You won't feel all heavy and gross after you eat yourself into a food coma. 

Originally published October 2016. Updated October 2017.

1 /21: Creamy green bean mushroom skillet

1/21 :Creamy green bean mushroom skillet

Creamy, spicy green beans and mushrooms are a modern paleo take on the classic green bean casserole.

2 /21: Roasted carrots with carrot-top pesto

2/21 :Roasted carrots with carrot-top pesto

Feel slightly less wasteful this holiday season by using both parts of the carrot in this bright paleo side dish.

3 /21: Sweet potato orange cups

3/21 :Sweet potato orange cups

Served in orange cups, this paleo sweet potato mash has an alluring hint of citrus.

4 /21: Brussels sprouts with kabanos

4/21 :Brussels sprouts with kabanos

Smoky Polish kabanos sausage adds an unexpected depth of flavor to these paleo Brussels sprouts.

5 /21: Toasted pine nut pumpkin muffins

5/21 :Toasted pine nut pumpkin muffins

Smeared with coconut oil and cranberry sauce, these muffins are a perfect paleo side.

6 /21: Roasted root vegetable salad

6/21 :Roasted root vegetable salad

Root veggies roasted until soft and topped with crunchy nuts will almost make you want to skip the turkey.

7 /21: Easy paleo biscuits

7/21 :Easy paleo biscuits

Coconut flour is the secret to these tender, tasty biscuits.

8 /21: Roasted sweet potato kale salad

8/21 :Roasted sweet potato kale salad

Sometimes a fresh salad loaded with sweet potatoes, nuts and cranberries, is what your Thanksgiving table needs.

9 /21: Blistered green beans and almonds

9/21 :Blistered green beans and almonds

Blistered green beans topped with crushed almonds are a sophisticated, modern paleo Thanksgiving side. 

10 /21: Crispy paleo roasted sweet potatoes

10/21 :Crispy paleo roasted sweet potatoes

Crispy roasted sweet potatoes are a scrumptious paleo showstopper. 

11 /21: Cauliflower celery root mash

11/21 :Cauliflower celery root mash

Celery root and cauliflower make for a creamy and flavorful paleo alternative to mashed potatoes.

12 /21: Grain-free paleo stuffing

12/21 :Grain-free paleo stuffing

Grain-free paleo bread is the star of this cozy stuffing.

13 /21: Scalloped sweet potatoes

13/21 :Scalloped sweet potatoes

Scalloped sweet potatoes made paleo will be the star of your Thanksgiving side dishes.

14 /21: Spinach salad with maple-bacon dressing

14/21 :Spinach salad with maple-bacon dressing

Maple-bacon dressing. Need we say more?

15 /21: Paleo garlic mushrooms

15/21 :Paleo garlic mushrooms

Super-savory garlic mushrooms are roasted in a cast-iron skillet to make this hearty side dish. 

16 /21: Mashed cauliflower and herbs

16/21 :Mashed cauliflower and herbs

A low-carb and paleo cauliflower mash full of herbs will lighten up your Thanksgiving table.

17 /21: Delicata-pear salad

17/21 :Delicata-pear salad

Roasted delicata squash tossed with pears, greens and pomegranate makes for an enchanting paleo salad.

18 /21: Sweet potato-candied pecan casserole

18/21 :Sweet potato-candied pecan casserole

Creamy, decadent and lightly sweet, you'd never guess that this sweet potato casserole is paleo.

19 /21: Squash, apple and fig stuffing

19/21 :Squash, apple and fig stuffing

You won't miss the bread when you make this flavorful squash, apple and fig stuffing.

20 /21: Ginger cranberry sauce

20/21 :Ginger cranberry sauce

Ginger adds a hint of spice to this refined sugar-free, paleo cranberry sauce.

21 /21: Paleo side dishes

21/21 :Paleo side dishes

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