20 Ideas for Halloween Cupcakes That Take Your Frosting to the Next (Spooky) Level

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 2, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET
20 Spooky Cupcake Ideas That'll Take Your Halloween Party Dessert Table to the Next Level
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Let's just get one thing straight: Halloween is pretty much synonymous with the word "treats" — and we're all in. October is saturated with all the best candy (though there are a couple of varieties we could do without), and there are all kinds of different DIY goodies we love whipping up all month. Heck, we're even hyped to throw together some non-sugary Halloween foods when the mood strikes.

But if we had to pick one favorite treat that stands out above the rest, Halloween cupcakes are definitely at the top of our list.

Maybe it's the buttercream frosting. Maybe it's the fact that cupcakes just always look so cute no matter how they're dressed up — but All Hallows Eve-themed cupcakes are a total must. 

Don't agree? Try making any (or all) of these adorably scary recipes. We're pretty sure you'll change your tune.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated October 2017.

1 /20: Bloody broken glass cupcakes

1/20 :Bloody broken glass cupcakes

Yikes! These bloody broken glass cupcakes are almost too scary-looking to eat. 

2 /20: Reese's Cup werewolf cupcakes

2/20 :Reese's Cup werewolf cupcakes

These peanut butter-chocolate cupcakes make werewolves fun, not freaky.

3 /20: Cauldron cupcakes

3/20 :Cauldron cupcakes

Each bite of these colorful cauldron cupcakes tastes a little bit like magic.

4 /20: Bloody Halloween cupcakes

4/20 :Bloody Halloween cupcakes

Strawberry jam takes the place of blood in these gruesome cupcakes.

5 /20: Vegan marshmallow ghost cupcakes

5/20 :Vegan marshmallow ghost cupcakes

Marshmallow fluff made with aquafaba (bean water) tops these chocolaty vegan ghost cupcakes.

6 /20: Pumpkin lasagna cupcakes

6/20 :Pumpkin lasagna cupcakes

Fluffy, creamy pumpkin lasagna cupcakes are the perfect treat on Halloween night.

7 /20: Spider egg cupcakes

7/20 :Spider egg cupcakes

Eating spider egg sacs goes from stomach-churning to taste bud-tingling thanks to these arachnid cupcakes.

8 /20: Cute Frankenstein cupcakes

8/20 :Cute Frankenstein cupcakes

Frankenstein gets a little less scary thanks to these cute cupcakes.

9 /20: Double chocolate graveyard cupcakes

9/20 :Double chocolate graveyard cupcakes

Milano cookies stand in for tombstones atop these graveyard cupcakes.

10 /20: Brain cupcakes

10/20 :Brain cupcakes

Cater to your zombie friends this Halloween by serving up these creepy brain cupcakes.

11 /20: Candy corn cupcakes

11/20 :Candy corn cupcakes

Layered vanilla cupcakes topped with fluffy frosting are a fitting tribute to candy corn.

12 /20: Fall harvest black bottom cupcakes

12/20 :Fall harvest black bottom cupcakes

Pumpkin-chocolate cupcakes are an orange-and-black treat that will match the rest of your Halloween decor.

13 /20: Gluten-free mutilated zombie cupcakes

13/20 :Gluten-free mutilated zombie cupcakes

These gluten-free mutilated zombie cupcakes are a ghoulish treat the whole family can enjoy.

14 /20: Halloween spider cupcakes

14/20 :Halloween spider cupcakes

Creepy spiders dot the top of these chocolaty Halloween cupcakes.

15 /20: Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

15/20 :Halloween pumpkin cupcakes

Fluffy mounds of orange frosting make these cupcakes look just like pumpkins.

16 /20: Peanut butter-chocolate cupcakes

16/20 :Peanut butter-chocolate cupcakes

Peanut butter frosting, caramel sauce, candy and cookies top these ultimate Halloween cupcakes.

17 /20: Monster cupcakes

17/20 :Monster cupcakes

Edible googly eyes make putting together these monster cupcakes a total cinch.

18 /20: Chocolate-marshmallow ghost cupcakes

18/20 :Chocolate-marshmallow ghost cupcakes

Marshmallow buttercream ghosts top these spookily tasty cupcakes.

19 /20: Pumpkin-chocolate chip cupcakes

19/20 :Pumpkin-chocolate chip cupcakes

Black frosting adds a Gothic flair to these moist pumpkin-chocolate chip cupcakes.

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20 Spooky Cupcake Ideas That'll Take Your Halloween Party Dessert Table to the Next Level
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