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20 Creepy Halloween Dinners That’ll Give Trick-or-Treaters a Little Sustenance


SheKnows Editorial

We’re totally not those parents who hand out apples and toothbrushes to the neighborhood kids on Halloween (if you are, we get that your heart is in the right place — but wrong day people, wrong day). However, we still think that it’s important to get a little something healthy into our kids’ tummies before they hit the streets to gather enough candy to last them a whole year. Not only will a full belly help sop up all that sugar that’s about to be consumed, but trick-or-treating is tiring stuff and at least a little sustenance is needed.

But what do you do when your kids are so focused on candy they can’t even fathom the thought of eating real food? You step things up a notch and turn out the coolest dang Halloween-themed dinner west of the Mississippi, that’s what you do. 

From hot dog worms to personalized graveyard shepherd’s pies, these recipes will do the trick. We even threw in a couple of sophisticated Halloween-themed dishes so the adults can grab a bite too.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated September 2017.

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