Easy 3-Ingredient Halloween Treats That're So Simple It's Frightening

Sep 29, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET
3-Ingredient Halloween Recipes That're so Easy It's Frightening
Image: Jenifoto/Getty Images

In the wonderful world of Halloween treats, the jumbo-size variety bag of mini candy bars usually reigns supreme — but only because of its ease and simplicity. Honestly, we could rip one of those puppies open and go to town in, like, five seconds flat. 

Now, if we're talking about what we really prefer treat-wise during the month of October, then obviously we'd have to bring up homemade Halloween goodies. But with all the stress involved with coming up with a great costume for yourself and the rest of the family, who even has time to make spooky (yet totally cute) holiday-themed foods?

You do, my friend. You do.

When you are armed with an arsenal of recipes for Halloween treats that use three ingredients or fewer, life is grand. You can have your super-adorable witch hat cookies and eat them too. Just make sure to leave some room for a least a little bit of plain old candy.

Originally posted October 2016. Updated September 2017.

1 /21: Monster munch

1/21 :Monster munch

2 /21: Witch hat cookies

2/21 :Witch hat cookies

3 /21: Candy corn bark

3/21 :Candy corn bark

4/21 :Reese's fudge

5 /21: Rice Krispies mummies

5/21 :Rice Krispies mummies

6 /21: Spiked caramel apple cider

6/21 :Spiked caramel apple cider

7 /21: Chocolate-pumpkin cookies

7/21 :Chocolate-pumpkin cookies

8 /21: Skeleton bones

8/21 :Skeleton bones

9 /21: Rolo pumpkin patch pretzels

9/21 :Rolo pumpkin patch pretzels

10 /21: Mummy chicken Parmesan

10/21 :Mummy chicken Parmesan

11 /21: Ghost meringues

11/21 :Ghost meringues

12 /21: Bloody cups

12/21 :Bloody cups

13 /21: Vampire drink

13/21 :Vampire drink

14 /21: Trick-or-treat mummy nuggets

14/21 :Trick-or-treat mummy nuggets

15 /21: Meatball mummies

15/21 :Meatball mummies

16 /21: Monster eyes

16/21 :Monster eyes

17 /21: Candy corn pretzel treats

17/21 :Candy corn pretzel treats

18 /21: Nutter Butter ghosts

18/21 :Nutter Butter ghosts

19 /21: Mummy pretzels

19/21 :Mummy pretzels

20 /21: Pretzel pumpkins

20/21 :Pretzel pumpkins

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