These 20 Gross Sweets Are the Worst Halloween Candy of All Time

Oct 3, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
20 Disgusting Halloween Candies People Need to Stop Handing Out, Like, Yesterday
Image: Maglara/Getty Images

Ah, Halloween is just so nostalgic. Watching all the little trick-or-treaters scurry around the neighborhood conjures up tons of memories from when we were kids. That feeling you got when you looked in the mirror to see your costume for the first time. The palpable glee in the air as you and every single other student in your entire school took a lap around the playground for the most spirited Halloween parade ever. The nervous excitement you got in the pit of your stomach every time you rang a stranger's doorbell. The furious counting as you sorted all of the candy stuffed in the pillowcase that was bursting at the seams with sweets.

The lump in your throat and tears that welled up in your eyes when you realized most of your spoils were Tootsie Rolls. Seriously... Tootsie Rolls? What kind of sadist gives kids Tootsie Rolls on Halloween?

Yes, my friends, nothing ruins a child's Halloween quicker than crappy candy. If you want to make trick-or-treaters cry, hand out one of these worst Halloween candies ever. It's probably tacky to complain about free candy, but the children of the world deserve better than this.

Originally posted September 2016. Updated September 2017.

1/20 :Dum Dums

2 /20: Good & Plenty

2/20 :Good & Plenty

3 /20: Fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls

3/20 :Fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls

4 /20: Tootsie Rolls

4/20 :Tootsie Rolls

5 /20: Candy corn

5/20 :Candy corn

6 /20: Black and orange taffy

6/20 :Black and orange taffy

7 /20: Hershey's Miniatures

7/20 :Hershey's Miniatures

8 /20: Dove mini chocolates

8/20 :Dove mini chocolates

9 /20: Dubble Bubble and Bazooka gum

9/20 :Dubble Bubble and Bazooka gum

10 /20: Jolly Ranchers

10/20 :Jolly Ranchers

11 /20: Mini packs of raisins

11/20 :Mini packs of raisins

12 /20: Necco Wafers

12/20 :Necco Wafers

13 /20: Wax lips and fangs

13/20 :Wax lips and fangs

14 /20: Smarties

14/20 :Smarties

15 /20: Strawberry candies with liquid centers

15/20 :Strawberry candies with liquid centers

16 /20: Trail mix

16/20 :Trail mix

17 /20: Black licorice

17/20 :Black licorice

18 /20: 3 Musketeers

18/20 :3 Musketeers

19 /20: Werther's

19/20 :Werther's

20 /20: A mini toothbrush

20/20 :A mini toothbrush