20 savory Halloween treats we like even better than all that candy

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 22, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Who said only sweet tooths get to celebrate Halloween? These sugar-free recipes are equally, eerily delicious.

1 /21: Sugar free Halloween treats

Image: Toaster Oven Love/Liz Smith/SheKnows

1/21 :Sugar free Halloween treats

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2 /21: Phyllo hot dog mummies

2/21 :Phyllo hot dog mummies

Crispy, flaky phyllo dough forms a diaphanous gauze around these hot dog mummies.

3 /21: Vegan mozzarella spiderweb pizza

3/21 :Vegan mozzarella spiderweb pizza

A cheesy vegan mozzarella web makes these pizzas a fun snack even for kids who are dairy-free.

4 /21: Bell pepper bloodshot eyeballs

4/21 :Bell pepper bloodshot eyeballs

Eggs baked in bell pepper rings are decorated to look like oozing eyeballs in this fun recipe

5 /21: Cheesy chicken-broccoli skulls

5/21 :Cheesy chicken-broccoli skulls

Oozing with cheesy broccoli and chicken, these skull-shaped calzones are ghoulishly good.

6 /21: Trick-or-treat-size Skinny Pop

6/21 :Trick-or-treat-size Skinny Pop

Whole-grain and low-cal, Skinny Pop is a hauntingly healthy treat to throw into Halloween snack bags.

7 /21: Truffled spider deviled eggs

7/21 :Truffled spider deviled eggs

Olive spiders lurk atop these truffled deviled eggs.

8 /21: Halloween olive-cheese cups

8/21 :Halloween olive-cheese cups

Olive eyeballs give these cheesy phyllo cups a positively spooky look.

9 /21: Boo breads

9/21 :Boo breads

Once you get a taste of these flatbreads, you'll be screaming too.

10 /21: Trick-or-Treat Cheetos

10/21 :Trick-or-Treat Cheetos

Your trick-or-treaters will be relieved to get these savory Cheetos in their treat bags.

11 /21: Cheesy Halloween breadstick bones

11/21 :Cheesy Halloween breadstick bones

Dunk your cheesy Halloween breadstick bones into a bowl of blood (or marinara) for a gory snack.

12 /21: Devil deviled eggs

12/21 :Devil deviled eggs

Red pepper horns give these deviled eggs a truly devilish look.

13 /21: Utz Halloween Pretzels

13/21 :Utz Halloween Pretzels

Healthy Halloween pretzels are a fun way to lay off the sugar this year.

14 /21: Ham and cheese mummy pockets

14/21 :Ham and cheese mummy pockets

Mummified ham and cheese pockets are a savory Halloween snack on the go.

15 /21: Pepperoni pizza pumpkin pockets

15/21 :Pepperoni pizza pumpkin pockets

Cute pumpkin-shaped pepperoni pizza pockets will put a smile on your party guests' faces.

16 /21: White cheddar Bag of Bones Cheetos

16/21 :White cheddar Bag of Bones Cheetos

White cheddar bones are a scarily delicious savory snack for your trick-or-treaters.

17 /21: Halloween sushi balls

17/21 :Halloween sushi balls

These Halloween sushi balls are scarily adorable.

18 /21: Pumpkin cheddar cheese ball

18/21 :Pumpkin cheddar cheese ball

This cheddar cheese ball coated in crushed Doritos is masquerading as a pumpkin this Halloween.

19 /21: String cheese and pretzel broomsticks

19/21 :String cheese and pretzel broomsticks

These clever cheese and pretzel broomsticks are healthy and delicious. 

20 /21: Ghosts + Bats Garden Veggie Chips

20/21 :Ghosts + Bats Garden Veggie Chips

Green and orange spooky veggie chips will make your trick-or-treaters scream with pleasure.

21 /21: Jack-o'-lantern rice balls

21/21 :Jack-o'-lantern rice balls

These jack-o'-lantern carrot rice balls are as cute as they are tasty.