23 scrumptious reasons butterscotch should be the new pumpkin spice

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 15, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Notes of salted brown sugar and butter make these butterscotch recipes irresistible.

1 /24: Pin these butterscotch recipes

1/24 :Pin these butterscotch recipes

Pin these recipes so you can try them later!

2 /24: Salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake

2/24 :Salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake

The taste of this salted butterscotch popcorn cake actually lives up to its awesome appearance.

3 /24: Peanut butter-butterscotch fudge

3/24 :Peanut butter-butterscotch fudge

All of your favorite sweets combine in each intense bite of peanut butter, butterscotch and marshmallow fudge.

4 /24: Pumpkin pancakes with bacon and butterscotch

4/24 :Pumpkin pancakes with bacon and butterscotch

Sometimes pumpkin and butterscotch play nice, like in these bacon-topped pancakes.

5 /24: Apple butterscotch caramel cake

5/24 :Apple butterscotch caramel cake

Make the most of your fall apple haul with this dreamy apple butterscotch caramel cake

6 /24: Peanut butter s'mores blondies

6/24 :Peanut butter s'mores blondies

Sticky and sweet, these peanut butter s'mores blondies will cure all your cravings.

7 /24: Butterscotch-bourbon ice cream pie

7/24 :Butterscotch-bourbon ice cream pie

Creamy butterscotch-bourbon ice cream in a crispy graham crust makes dessert feel like a special occasion.

8 /24: Banana brûléed butterscotch custard

8/24 :Banana brûléed butterscotch custard

Part comfort food, part elegant dessert, these butterscotch custards are almost too good to be true.

9 /24: 3-ingredient butterscotch sauce

9/24 :3-ingredient butterscotch sauce

It takes just three ingredients to whip up this sultry butterscotch sauce at home.

10 /24: Butterscotch chip scones

10/24 :Butterscotch chip scones

Scones can be stuffy, but here they get a sweet makeover thanks to butterscotch chips.

11 /24: Brown sugar-butterscotch Bundt cake

11/24 :Brown sugar-butterscotch Bundt cake

Moist Bundt cake with a sticky butterscotch glaze will leave you licking your lips.

12 /24: Butterscotch-cashew biscotti

12/24 :Butterscotch-cashew biscotti

Have one of these butterscotch-cashew biscotti with your coffee, and you'll be floating on cloud nine all day.

13 /24: Butterscotch cheesecake brownies

13/24 :Butterscotch cheesecake brownies

Butterscotch cheesecake adds a layer of decadence to these rich brownies.

14 /24: Butterscotch dip cupcakes

14/24 :Butterscotch dip cupcakes

Riff on your favorite summer soft serve with these fun butterscotch dip cupcakes.

15 /24: Butterscotch-chardonnay blondies

15/24 :Butterscotch-chardonnay blondies

Buttery chardonnay finally meets its match in these slightly boozy butterscotch blondies.

16 /24: Butterscotch-pecan shortbread cookie bars

16/24 :Butterscotch-pecan shortbread cookie bars

Perfect for parties and bake sales alike, these butterscotch-pecan shortbread bars are a delight.

17 /24: Butterscotch pudding cookies

17/24 :Butterscotch pudding cookies

Pudding keeps these butterscotch and white chocolate chip cookies chewy and moist.

18 /24: Chocolate chip butterscotch bars

18/24 :Chocolate chip butterscotch bars

Melty chocolate chips make these gooey butterscotch bars even more indulgent than usual. 

19 /24: Chocolate-butterscotch drop cookies

19/24 :Chocolate-butterscotch drop cookies

These chocolate-butterscotch drop cookies are almost as easy to make as they are to eat.

20 /24: Butterscotch maple walnut cookies

20/24 :Butterscotch maple walnut cookies

Maple walnut cookies get taken totally over the top thanks to butterscotch in this recipe.

21 /24: Nutty butterscotch granola

21/24 :Nutty butterscotch granola

Give your breakfast a sweet kick thanks to the butterscotch chips in this granola.

22 /24: Gluten-free chewy butterscotch cookies

22/24 :Gluten-free chewy butterscotch cookies

Gluten-free? Don't worry — you can indulge in these butterscotch cookies too.

23 /24: Chocolate scotcheroos

23/24 :Chocolate scotcheroos

Slightly bitter chocolate helps offset the salty sweetness of butterscotch in these scotcheroos.

24 /24: Homemade butterscotch-coffee sauce

24/24 :Homemade butterscotch-coffee sauce

Coffee adds a welcome bitter note to this sophisticated homemade butterscotch sauce.