Pumpkin for dinner for days: 23 ways to eat your favorite squash this fall

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 15, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Forget the pumpkin pie and PSL, because these savory pumpkin recipes are where it's at.

1 /24: Pin these pumpkin dinners

1/24 :Pin these pumpkin dinners

Pin these pumpkin dinners to make later!

2 /24: Vegetarian pumpkin lasagna

2/24 :Vegetarian pumpkin lasagna

Creamy pumpkin lasagna is a vegetarian entrée your whole family will squeal over.

3 /24: Vegan pumpkin-sage gnocchi

3/24 :Vegan pumpkin-sage gnocchi

Pan-fried pumpkin gnocchi is crisp outside, tender within and enhanced with fried sage.

4 /24: Cannellini bean and pumpkin risotto

4/24 :Cannellini bean and pumpkin risotto

Topped with garlicky mushrooms, this cannellini bean and pumpkin "risotto" is perfect for chilly nights.

5 /24: Cheesy bacon-pumpkin pasta

5/24 :Cheesy bacon-pumpkin pasta

Bacon, pumpkin and cheese make for a pasta dish you won't be able to stop eating.

6 /24: Black bean taquitos with pumpkin sauce

6/24 :Black bean taquitos with pumpkin sauce

"Cheesy" pumpkin-coconut dipping sauce makes these vegan black bean taquitos taste luxurious.

7 /24: Sourdough pumpkin pretzel rolls

7/24 :Sourdough pumpkin pretzel rolls

Tender, fluffy pumpkin pretzel rolls deserve a place on your table every night. 

8 /24: Cinnamon-roasted squash and pumpkin

8/24 :Cinnamon-roasted squash and pumpkin

Squash and pumpkin make quite a pairing in this cinnamon-scented side dish.

9 /24: Crispy pumpkin-potato croquettes

9/24 :Crispy pumpkin-potato croquettes

Crispy fried croquettes filled with potato and pumpkin are a fun vegetarian meal or appetizer.

10 /24: Goat cheese and pumpkin scalloped potatoes

10/24 :Goat cheese and pumpkin scalloped potatoes

Creamy goat cheese and pumpkins make this a lighter take on still-scrumptious scalloped potatoes.

11 /24: Creamy pumpkin pasta

11/24 :Creamy pumpkin pasta

Pumpkin makes a healthy cream sauce for this autumnal pasta.

12 /24: Kale and pumpkin minestrone

12/24 :Kale and pumpkin minestrone

Add some pumpkin to your minestrone for a fun, seasonal meal.

13 /24: Moroccan-spiced pumpkin-chickpea stew

13/24 :Moroccan-spiced pumpkin-chickpea stew

Pumpkin and chickpeas will keep you satisfied in this warming stew recipe.

14 /24: Roasted pumpkin and grains with romesco

14/24 :Roasted pumpkin and grains with romesco

Roasted pumpkin wedges mixed with whole grains and roasted leeks are extra satisfying with romesco sauce.

15 /24: Lentil and pumpkin soup

15/24 :Lentil and pumpkin soup

Hearty lentil and pumpkin soup is a fall comfort food you can feel good about enjoying.

16 /24: Pumpkin-bacon mac and cheese

16/24 :Pumpkin-bacon mac and cheese

Give your macaroni and cheese a makeover with plenty of creamy pumpkin and smoky bacon.

17 /24: Pumpkin, goat cheese and sage galette

17/24 :Pumpkin, goat cheese and sage galette

Tangy goat cheese, caramelized onions and pumpkin make this brown butter sage tart a true delight.

18 /24: Pumpkin-brown butter tagliatelle

18/24 :Pumpkin-brown butter tagliatelle

Brown butter, pumpkin and sage are a perfect pairing with tagliatelle pasta.

19 /24: Roasted-pumpkin ravioli

19/24 :Roasted-pumpkin ravioli

Figs and bacon dot this dish of homemade pumpkin ravioli

20 /24: Pumpkin mashed potatoes

20/24 :Pumpkin mashed potatoes

Pumpkin adds color, nutrition and flavor to your standard mashed potatoes.

21 /24: Thai pumpkin noodle soup

21/24 :Thai pumpkin noodle soup

Tangles of tasty Thai noodles make this pumpkin soup worth trying.

22 /24: Israeli couscous, pumpkin and lamb salad

22/24 :Israeli couscous, pumpkin and lamb salad

Make this couscous, pumpkin and lamb salad for dinner, then enjoy the leftovers as tomorrow's lunch.

23 /24: Pumpkin, spinach and walnut spaghetti

23/24 :Pumpkin, spinach and walnut spaghetti

Toss out that jar of red sauce, and opt for spaghetti with pumpkin, spinach and walnuts instead.

24 /24: Pumpkin and ricotta gnocchi

24/24 :Pumpkin and ricotta gnocchi

Pumpkin is blended into a creamy sauce for this elegant meal of gnocchi.